September 27, 2012 - Happy Birthday Keaton

Keaton Turns !
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Everyone was up before 7:00 and soon Campbell was helping Keaton to wake up - didn't want her to miss his 1st birthday (though we'll celebrate with family Saturday.)
  • Grannymom was booked up today so meant a little shuffling in schedules; Robby took Graham to school and Campbell tagged along since he was coming back home to work from home
  • That meant Reagan and Anderson had minimal interruptions to do their schooling - so they were done with their work right before 11:00
  • Nonna picked up Graham from school (which he LOVES!) and the other kids played upstairs in the toy room until it was lunch time.
  • Sandwiches, chips and leftover birthday cake were on the menu today.
  • With school in the morning, that meant work for Tara in the afternoon.  Campbell and Keaton took naps while Reagan and Anderson caught up on a few movies plus helped straighten the toy room
  • Soon Mom was back with Graham and it was time to kick the cleaning in high gear since Tara was hosting Bunko at the house tonight. Everyone pitched in and soon it was quitting time for Robby
  • Robby and the kids headed out to Chick-Fil-A (to celebrate Keaton's birthday) while the girls come over for dinner and Bunko (except we didn't play Bunko).  Robby and kids stayed out until around 8:00 and then slipped in, headed upstairs for bed and were fairly quiet while the girls finished visiting

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