September 12, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday!
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  • Graham ended up in our bed sometime around 3.  He is usually pretty cuddly at night but last night his elbows were constantly poking me in the back-kind of like a bad massage.  Campbell was the first one up this morning and as she lay in our bed, she noticed that Graham still had on his clothes.  I told her to look at her clothes and she just laughed-she thought it was so funny that she had slept in her favorite pink shorts and bear shirt.  It's the little things in life.
  • A few minutes later, Anderson walked right past me in bed with Graham and Campbell and straight into the bathroom to talk to Robby.  And what did he ask him?  He said "Dad, when can we get breakfast?"  I think that I might be offended that he didn't ask me about breakfast-yes, Robby does get it sometimes but I am usually the one passing out the grub around here.
  • Well after that it didn't take me long to come up with a perfect birthday breakfast-cupcakes.  Reagan blew out another candle (her 5th time this birthday) on her cupcake and they all gobbled their cupcakes and then moved on to more traditional breakfast foods.
  • Next up was school today.  Since it was Reagan's birthday, they had no "real" school work (math, science, phonics, yada, yada, yada."  Instead all of their boxes were filled with "fun" school work-addition with dice games, counting money, graphing worksheets, an abc scavenger hunt-all that fun work that we usually don't have time to fit into our day.  Reagan was the first to look into her pile of work and said "I don't know how to do any of this" but Anderson was the first to realize that this school work was completely different.   I eventually had to explain that this was because it was a birthday school work day.
  • We finished early and after everyone emptied their trash can, they had quite awhile to play before lunch.  I almost had lunch ready when Nonna stopped by to see the birthday girl for a bit.  She brought her an early birthday gift (a necklace that used to be mine).  And even brought birthday brownies for Reagan (which stuck another candle in for Reagan's 6th time to blow out candles).  
  • Nonna stayed and played for awhile and the kids were pretty wound up.  Enough so that when she left I made everyone lay down in separate rooms.  And it was wonderful!  Ha!  I did laundry, looked at my calendar, read my Bible and even had time to just stare out the window.  I finally let Reagan and Anderson up-everyone else had fallen asleep and I walked in the treadmill for a few minutes before running around the house like crazy trying to leave in time to go and see Beebee before church.
  • As soon as Keaton saw Papaw she started screaming and was pretty unhappy for the rest of the evening-even at church.  But the other kids were on their best behavior today.  I have actually found something to keep them occupied (well behaved) at Beebee's place-I fed them supper while we were there.  That helped with having to eat so early and we probably stayed a few minutes longer than usual because I wasn't trying to rush out of there before they completely went nuts.
  • We made it to church on time and I dropped everyone off.  Campbell heard Cubbie the puppet say her name tonight and Robby saw her through the window sitting listening to the story.  Graham was happy to see me and Robby in the hallway.  Anderson said one verse and came home with his new book and vest.  Reagan said at least 8 verses tonight (it helps that we have been practicing all of them this summer) and had fun at games tonight.
  • Back at home, we put the kids to bed and they talked and talked and talked.  Robby threatened to not let them go to Reagan's party and I threatened to bite of their arms but neither worked.  Finally a sip of water for everyone is what calmed them down.  

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