September 28, 2012

I got the coloring thing down..
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  • We were all still in bed at 7:30 this morning.  The boys eventually stirred but the girls slept until 7:50.  Keaton even slept in late-could have only been better if it was raining outside.
  • We had breakfast and then started school.  Yesterday, I laid out specific work for Anderson and Reagan to do while I was in the shower-they seriously knocked it out.  Now, they were the only ones there yesterday since Keaton was with me, Graham was at school and Campbell was on the way home with Robby.  So I thought I would try the same thing today-worked alright.  Graham even had his work to do and they finished some of it.  (I had Campbell and Keaton with me near the shower).  
  • I guess that we still did get a later start at school because it 12 before I realized it.  We did finish everything-I think the cloudy weather got to everyone though because it wasn't a pretty morning.  I sometimes think Campbell still needs a morning nap because she get so whiney.  Graham can't be quiet for anything but he did often sneak off to the toy room a few times (I let him).  Anderson tries to hard to please but is so distractible and even spent some time along in the kitchen to do his work (whatever works though).  Reagan became nearly hysterical when Campbell wouldn't let Reagan alphabetize the magnetic letters.  Just wasn't a pretty morning.
  • But after lunch everyone calmed down and we made sundials-I know, not probably the best craft on a cloudy day but we did use a flashlight to imagine what would happen.  We will try them outside hopefully soon.
  • The big kids played in the toy room while I worked on getting school out for next week with Keaton and Campbell in the school room.  It was quite a challenge!  That is actually an understatement!  I had to put all of my papers up high so Keaton couldn't reach them and Campbell wanted to help me open and close each notebook.  We got it done though and all survived-though Keaton now has a favorite purple marker that she likes to carry around (now I just have to super glue the lid on).
  • Next up was naps and then everyone migrated outside to play for a bit before we left.  I probably wasn't thinking when I let them out because the boys were quite smelly when they came back in and needed showers.  So we gave everyone but Keaton a shower and are quite good at getting everyone showered and dressed rather quickly.
  • Then we headed over to the Pennington's house to eat supper.  The kids had a blast playing with everyone and made a huge mess of the house.  By the time we made it home, Graham was sound asleep and the rest of the crew were exhausted.  It was a fun evening!  And at home everyone was put to bed because tomorrow will be another early morning.   

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