April 2, 2019

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  • Another rainy, perfect morning around here. Our morning box of books is steadily decreasing-we have actually finished history so that is huge. Now, I did spend a good bit of last night adding books to my list to read at the library, but I will ave those for next year since I do like to have a few less books checked out in the summer time-I'm not sure why though. The library still seems to like people checking out books during the summer time.
  • The kids zoomed through their school work today. Whitman and Anderson were the last ones finished today, but they were done by noon. All I really have to do with the kids right now is answer questions, read to Whitman and keep him on track and correct everyone's math and anything else that they turn in. So my load is fairly light, and I love it. I wish that every day could be like this and it probably could-if we didn't take a summer break, or a winter break, or a spring break or all of our vacation breaks. 
  • Keaton and Whitman planned a picnic for our lunch. So we all had grilled cheese sandwiches on a blanket in my bedroom. That was fun since the rain was really pouring down while we read and ate. 
  • I walked on the treadmill a bit this afternoon. As soon as I finished, it was time to leave for Third Realm. The kids all had fun there, but their favorite thing to do is play kickball. The workers come out and ref and pitch for the game. I think they enjoy it as much as the kids do.
  • Then we ran to Nonna and Pops' house for the little 3 to stay over there for a bit. Then I dropped off the big 3 at home, changed into my plaid and Robby and I headed to church.
  • They had a banquet tonight for Sunday school teachers tonight. It was a hoe-down and they had gone all out. There were square dancers at first and then some country music as we ate our fried chicken, ham, biscuit, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and fried okra. Before we ate, they had a biscuit bar with biscuits along with all kinds of topping for them. For dessert, there was apple cobbler while they were playing some games. It was a very fun evening.
  • We picked up the littles on the way home. They showered once we made it home-well, Keaton and Whitman had bubble baths. They acted like they had never had a bubble bath before. Then the little girls and I watched a tv show (about little people) before bedtime.

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