May 13, 2019

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  • Ah, the first wonderful day of summer vacation. It truly seemed like a long and relaxing day around here. I did still get up at the normal time and slowly made my way to the treadmill for a little bit.
  • Some of the kids worked on their bit of summer school work this morning early, while some did theirs later in the day. Once I was finished with the treadmill, I did read with Whitman for just a bit. Then it was time to leave.
  • The preschool at church was having a play day at Mills Park. Since Whitman is officially still in the preschool department, I signed up and brought the crew. The kids all enjoyed playing on the playground even though they have rebuilt it and made it geared more towards little kids. 
  • Whitman had a blast playing, and the little kids enjoyed following my big boys around. There was one little boy that would just sit by Graham whenever Graham would sit down. And at one point, Anderson was playing soccer with three little guys. 
  • They did provide lunch for the preschooler and the mom, so Whitman and I had lunch. On the way, we did swing by Chick Fil A and used some of our breakfast gift cards to get breakfasts items for everyone else's lunch. I passed out my fries, and they felt like they were still eating Chick Fil A like everyone else. 
  • As soon as we ate, the littles had time to play a bit longer and then we jumped in the car and headed to the library. I had a few books to pick up there. Then we met the jumpers at Third Realm.
  • Reagan was feeling a bit better today. Initially this morning, she had said that she didn't want to go with us, but after thinking about being at home all day by herself again she changed her mind. She joined us and seemed fine. She did say that she probably wouldn't jump at Third Realm and she did sit for a while, but was soon jumping around. I am glad that she is definitely feeling better.
  • I wanted to go to Walmart after jumping to pick up a few things for the kids, but the revolted so I let them. We have a few day before I need to have that list completed. So we headed home to do some Jr. Ranger books, play one game and to even play some of our Monopoly game. Update: Anderson has lodges on the two most expensive properties and I am near bankrupt! 
  • This evening Keaton and Robby headed out to celebrate Keaton's March Madness win. Keaton took Lily with her, and they went to Chuck E Cheese. I think that they had a blast, and Keaton came home with 2 balls, a bag of cotton candy and even more candy.
  • While they were gone, the rest of us had supper. I also did some prep for school work for next year. I read to Whitman and did pretty everything that I could think of and was soon bored! Campbell and Whitman eventually ended up outside for a long while (Anderson has been outside for a few times riding his bike but hasn't stayed out for long.) 
  • When Robby came home, I told him that I hoped that the rest of summer wasn't this slow! I will at least get a lot accomplished-though I haven't packed a single bit for our trip today. Late this evening, the kids all came in and showered and eventually we all headed to bed.

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