May 7, 2019

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  • Robby and I woke up at 5 this morning. He said that he barely slept worrying about missing our alarms. It was Disney Dining day so when the clock struck 5 Robby started reserving our meals for November. We were trying to have a meal with all 23 of us that will be there. However, that seems next to impossible. We did all get times near each other, but I did try at 5:30 to call and see what I could get. She told me to call another place at 6:30, but that didn't seem to help any. 
  • The kids faces this morning were priceless when I told them that they only had 4 more days of school counting today. I also saw those same faces when they looked at their work and saw that they had about half the amount of school work as normal. I dropped all of their extra stuff and just left the important things that I would like to finish up.
  • Everyone was finished with their school work by eleven which was wonderful. That left a bit of time for everyone to do their own thing before we headed to Third Realm. When we arrived at Third Realm, there were 5 buses parked in the parking lot. The kids peeked in and decided to come back at 1. 
  • So we ran home for just a few minutes-it was long enough for everyone to grab themselves a bite to eat and for us to do some of our reading. Then it was back to a completely empty Third Realm. Reagan and Anderson opted to stay home, but my jumpers still had lots of fun.
  • I spent the rest of my afternoon packing and getting Whitman's first grade school work ready. The others were thrilled today to see how little they had. Whitman stormed back in my room, and glared at Graham while shouting, "you told me I had less work, but I have the same." He did. However, he was focused today and was done in no time at all.\
  • Campbell and Keaton spent most of the afternoon and evening outside. The boys went in and out occasionally. Campbell did find a turtle-actually two-that she is lobbying to keep (not going to happen). 
  • Everyone that was inside had their supper. They were able to choose from huge amount of leftovers. We did end up cleaning out the fridge just a little bit. Then Robby decided that maybe we should work a little bit outside before the rain comes. We were able to haul about 9 loads of leaves down to the bottom before it was too dark to stay out.
  • Once inside everyone had their showers and grabbed one of my leftover desserts from last night. We then had a bit tv time before it was time for bed....and after waking up at 5, I am pretty tired.

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