May 8, 2019

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  • Today was our last day of Bible study so everyone was excited. Campbell and Keaton were quickly dressed. I did have to wake up the boys, even the big boys. As soon as I walked into their room, they jumped up and started looking for clothes. I told them that they didn't have to get up just get, but since they were up an hour later than usual, I guess they thought they were behind. 
  • The kids had a great year at CBS. Those teachers just love on my kids, and even though getting there and making sure that lessons are done each week is difficult, I am still always so glad that we go.
  • After Bible study, we didn't go to Third Realm because of field trips, and it was about to rain so we headed home. Before home though I did take everyone into the library to find some summer books. I will say that I also had a laundry basket full of books to return. Reagan said, "we aren't taking that into the library are we?"
  • Once at home, the rain started and we settled int the living room to eat our lunches and do some reading together. Then I played a game with the littles and read some more to Whitman.
  • After that I would like to say that I walked on the treadmill and packed some as I had planned. However, I cuddled up on the couch and had myself a nice old nap.  Before I laid down, I did text all the kids and say "you can have a snack at 3 and I am going to take a siesta on the couch in my room." Graham and Campbell both wrote back "a what?" to which I replied "a snack." It took me a few text until I realized that they didn't know what a "siesta" is. 
  • We left a bit early for church since it was raining cats and dogs. The roads were fine but as we were arriving, I looked for my umbrella that Robby had put in my car this morning. It wasn't there-well, that was because Campbell used it today when she walked her turtle. Did she put the umbrella back? No! She did say that she didn't want to put it back in the car wet which was good thinking. 
  • However, it was pouring when I dropped the kids off at church. I should have taken off my shoes and rolled up my pants but I didn't think about that. So when I did wade inside, my pants and shoes were soaking and were for the rest of the night.
  • Tonight the kids had their final presentations-Whitman's group sang and received a certificates. Campbell and Keaton's groups did a little song and received certificates and even trophys because they had said all of their Bible verses. Whitman was not pleased about not getting a trophy and wanted to know when he would get his. He was very excited to learn that he would get to earn one next year. Anderson and Graham's groups were in the sanctuary but they didn't do anything tonight except partake in the ice cream afterwards. Reagan's group also had ice cream afterwards.
  • We all met up at the Wilson's house for some BBQ. It was delicious, and I ate way too much. We didn't stay too long because tomorrow is school and work for most everyone. Pretty much as soon as we got home, it was bedtime for the crew. 

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