May 9, 2019

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  • It has been so long ago that I don't even remember who I had to wake up and who I didn't have to wake up. I do know that I did have to lug Whitman down the stairs and only had to holler for Reagan once. 
  • We did our little bit of morning reading. Our pile is so small now that it just took a little bit to read everything, and the kids started on their school work much earlier than usual.
  • That was probably the reason that by 10, I had already checked everyone's math and was heading upstairs to work on packing. Whitman was the only one who was still working. Bless it. He couldn't focus for anything and the same work that just took a bit of time on Tuesday last ed all through school time and even during lunch today. I had told him that he would have to take it to Third Realm if he didn't finish, but he didn't care at all if I made him do that-he would probably enjoy not having to jump.
  • After we had lunch, we loaded up and met everyone at Third Realm. We were there early so the kids still had an hour to jump even though we had to leave a bit early for the dentist.
  • Six dentist appointments can last a little while but it wasn't too bad. I brought a few books for Whitman and me to read. Everyone did really good-one child needs to brush better (Reagan) and one child has 3 cavities (Keaton). Poor Keaton didn't realize that she was the one who had the cavities, and when she did she was just on the verge of tears. 
  • I will say that Whitman was still the comedian at the dentist office. As the lady was working on his teeth, he said, "those chemicals you put on my teeth don't taste very good." And when Dr. Jolley went to check his xray, Whitman shouted, "Don't go bananas!" 
  • We went home for a little bit and then headed to Raymar for our soccer games. It was fairly hot during the first games-Whitman's and Keaton's games. I watched Whitman mostly and even though they lost and Whitman was unfocused some, this was his best game yet. 
  • The next games were Campbell's team and the big boys' team. I don't think that we won any games today, and the boys were a bit bummed about losing. They played so hard though, and I just want them to have fun.
  • Back at the house, Campbell and Keaton played outside until after dark. Then everyone started on their showers and supper. It was a pretty great day and tomorrow will be even better because it is the last day of school!

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