May 31, 2019-Great Lakes Day 13

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We all slept well last night, and none of us wanted to get up this morning. We did end up leaving the hotel around 9 after our breakfast. Breakfast was the same which isn’t really surprising since we have mostly been staying at the same hotel chain each night of the trip.

Once we were on the road, we realized that the warm weather was back and back for good. We listened to our book as we drove on down the road. Our first stop was Santa Claus, Indiana. Obviously, we didn’t have time for the theme park there, but we did walk around the museum. I even bought a cute little ornament in the shape of Indiana with a Santa Claus painted on it.

From there, it was a short hop to Lincoln’s Boyhood Home. I feel like most of our trips revolve around Lincoln or maybe there are so many Lincoln sites that we are always finding somewhere new to stop. This stop wasn’t new though since our last visit here was in 2014.

On the front of the building, they had 5 sculpture type murals depicting Lincoln’s life. As Whitman was looking at these, he stood on a bench and shouted, “Now we are looking at false idols.” I guess that he has been listening when he’s at church and Bible study. I did have to explain that these statues were of Lincoln and not false gods.

We watched the film and then walked to the log cabin site. A bit further down the trial, there was a living log cabin where people were working inside. The kids were able to climb up the pegs beside the fireplace to look in the loft area. Then we walked back down a trail that had stones from all of the memorable places in Lincoln’s life.

As the girls and I walked back to the visitor’s center for the restroom, Graham and Reagan ran all the way back to the parking lot at the living farm. We took our time in the bathroom but Graham and Reagan did not. Robby had told them that they better be at the parking lot when he got there or he would leave them. They were standing at the edge of the parking lot waiting for us.

We then drove awhile and stopped at Walmart. Who doesn’t need a good Walmart stop in vacation? Actually, we didn’t really need anything for the trip since we were headed home. However, I did need to pick up a few things for the kids heading to camp (Reagan and Anderson) and a few things for tomorrow. What do the Dennie’s buy on vacation at Walmart-well, we bought travel size body washes and shampoo, a life jacket, a bathing suit, camp snacks, cokes and cookies.

From there I drove us on to Sikeston, Missouri. The kids love Lambert’s so Robby thought that we would top of the vacation with a stop there. The kids again loved it-huge cups full of coke and a man throwing delicious hot rolls at you. What could be better? (Well, the answer to that would be their cleanliness, the food and the service.)

Despite all of that, Whitman was so excited about catching the rolls, but each time he was thrown one, he would immediately let go because the roll was so hot. Anderson or I would do our best to catch it after he left go of it. Anderson and Graham went to town on the rolls. And once Campbell had the black eyed peas, she asked me if I could make them. I am pretty sure my can opener still works so she will be in luck.

We then picked up a few Red Box movies on New Madrid, Arkansas. While we were there, I read about the past New Madrid earthquake (so strong that the Mississippi River ran backwards for a few hours) and I also read about the future New Madrid earthquake (could wipe out the city of Memphis and devastate St. Louis.) I was glad that we were done crossing major bodies of water on bridges after reading all of that.

We ended up stopping at 2 different rest stops on the way home. The first movie that everyone started to watch must have been a bust because even though we left it on the whole time, no one was paying any attention to it. Then we did start the second movie, but by that time everyone was engrossed in their ipads.

It was around 9 when we rolled on home. The kids were pretty helpful, but Reagan and Anderson were stressed about trying to unpack and repack. I assured them that we would have plenty of time to do all of that tomorrow, and I also assured them that the laundry would be completed-I better get on that!

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