May 4, 2019

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  • We knew that it was raining when we went to bed, but I was convinced that we would still have soccer. Robby and I stirred a few times during the night waiting to hear about soccer. It was almost like we were catching a flight-we couldn't sleep well and were awaiting our alarm. At 6, I woke right up when the text came through saying that soccer was indeed cancelled.
  • I walked to the kitchen and made a note for the kids. I hung it up where they could see and then crawled back into bed where I stayed until after 9. The first child we saw today was Whitman with his milk cup in his hand. He was asking for Graham. I told him where I thought Graham was but didn't realize until he left that he was probably looking for his brother to refill his cup. In a few minutes, I did hear both boys in the kitchen and sweet Graham was helping his brother.
  • Speaking of Graham-Robby had a mystery shop the other day at lunch, and it was Graham's turn to go. Robby knew that he was going to order a double cheeseburger so he just took along an extra bun in a baggie. He didn't want to spend any extra money, and this way they would both have a meal and enough to eat. 
  • Robby tried to sit at a table in the middle of the restaurant but Graham would not have that at all. He did not want to sit in the middle where everyone could see the extra bun. So Graham sat down at a booth, Robby just put the bun on the table as he filled up the drink cup. When Robby walked back, he immediately noticed that his bun was gone. 
  • Robby asked Graham where his bun was. Graham was a bit embarrassed about the bun and had put it down beside him so no one would see it. Ha! Isn't that funny? I guess we might just embarrass Graham a little bit.
  • He is not the only one that we embarrass. Robby was retelling this story, and Reagan piped up. She said that it was embarrassing when we walked through church all in a straight line going to our pew. We tried to explain that it would be silly for us to walk down the aisle two by two or three by three since there isn't much room. Tomorrow we decided that we will try to make sure that everyone is walking in age order-that really makes Reagan crazy. She has gotten to where she doesn't want to go in a store with everyone during school time because she thinks everyone is looking wondering if we are on a field trip.
  • Back to this morning-Robby worked on his computer some and I did some school planning for next year and even a bit of trip planning. Then we ran to the grocery store-Well, Keaton and I ran to the grocery store. Campbell and Robby ran to do a mystery shop (Robby didn't take an extra bun this time) and to pick up our weekly Dairy Queen burgers. 
  • While they were gone, Keaton and I did a pricing mystery shop project. It is huge and always happens when things are busy in May and when we are about to leave on a trip. We worked on that until they came. Robby and Campbell started working on the pricing while Keaton and I did some speed shopping and knocked out everything on my list (except for the things that I forgot to put on my list.)
  • Then we ran home to unload our groceries. Next we picked up Anderson at Grannymom's house. When we left there, Robby dropped me off at Sams to pick up a few things. We finally ended up at Third Realm. The kids don't have nearly as much fun when it is crowded, but they still enjoyed themselves, and they still got a bit of exercise.
  • When we came home, the neighbors were out so everyone stayed outside for a long time. Robby mowed a little bit while being careful not to sink in a mud pit which the yard seems to be full of. Whitman and I did join everyone outside for a long overdue kickball game. 
  • The game was pretty heated, but my team did win despite the other team's massive comeback. My Campbell and Graham were sure talking some smack out on the field. Graham especially just takes his sports seriously. 
  • Everyone migrated inside so then they cycled through the showers. Robby made some cookies for our snack, and we packed for tomorrow-church and soccer.

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