May 1, 2019

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  • The wonderful rain was beating on the window when we stirred this morning. It was pretty wonderful to hear. But the dark made it kind of hard to get up and start moving. 
  • Campbell and Keaton didn't need much motivation since they were singing today. They were ready in no time in their clothes that they had precisely laid out last night. Whitman picked out his shirt that he wanted to wear today-a t-shirt, but he is the 6th child. I just made sure that he had on underwear.
  • It was raining like crazy as we drove on to Bible study. We made it there fine though. Since this is the end, the kids had their program today. Campbell and Graham sang the books of the Bible first with their class. Then Whitman and Keaton sang a few songs with their class. Now, whenever Whitman would finish a song, the child would bow! Gracious me. It even looked like he was going to start dancing at one point. 
  • After the program, we met our buddies at Third Realm. We have been there 55 times. Since all of the kids haven't been every time, we are still nearing a dollar a visit. We even stayed a few minutes longer than usual at Third Realm since the kids were in the middle of a heated kickball game. 
  • On the way home, we were about 2 miles from home when there was a wreck. I could tell that the road wouldn't be open for a while so I had to drive all the way back to Col. Glenn to go down that way. Seems like there have been lots of wrecks on Lawson lately which is always a good reminder to slow down especially on the big curve. 
  • This afternoon was quiet around the house. Whitman asked me to read a chapter of his Wizard of Oz book. Then he had me read another book. After this, I thought that I may lay my head down a bit but Whitman brought me another book-and another-and another-and even another. I finally did get to sleep for about 15 minutes before we headed back to church.
  • Robby came to church with us tonight. We ate up there and then he stayed with me during my game time out on the playground. It was a pretty fun evening having him there. 
  • Once at home, people had showers and even a snack or two before it was finally bedtime for everyone.

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