May 14, 2019

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  • Whitman was the first one I saw this morning. He was working on his worksheet-blends. The boy can not seem to figure out blends (st, fl, cr...) so we are doing some extra work this summer with them. After we finished the worksheet, we did some of his reading as I folded the laundry.
  • From there, I moved into the kitchen to work on the dishes. Next was the treadmill followed by more of the Monopoly game. Monopoly update: Campbell is out of the game, Keaton has some money and only one piece of property left and I have just a bit of money along with my property. However, I have already had to mortgage two of them-surely tomorrow Anderson will win the game. (Another Monopoly Update: Late tonight after I started the blog, we did finally finish the game. Anderson defeated Keaton and shortly afterwards, I owed him 2,500 and could only pay him about 240.)
  • We did some reading right before lunch along with working on our Jr. Ranger books. Afterwards, I took notes on who needed to do what chores and who needed to re-do their chores. Then we had a quick bite to eat and I headed to my doctor's appointment.
  • I have a new doctor so she wanted to do a physical. That was fine, then she wanted to do every single test possible on me which didn't make me too happy. For example, I am pretty sure that an HIV test is not really necessary. My blood pressure was great today which was wonderful-actually it was lower than it is has been in years at the doctor's office.
  • Once at home, the kids played outside for a little bit. Then I loaded up with most everyone and headed to Walmart. Anderson needed some things for camp and Campbell needed a few items. Reagan also needed some things but she couldn't find anything-like a white tshirt. She would like a nicer white tshirt than we could find at Walmart...sigh.
  • Anderson has been riding his bike a lot outside the past few days. Usually, Keaton follows him as he rides through the yard. Sometimes they even make the loop on the block. Whitman also spent a good bit of time outside today playing with Campbell, Keaton and the neighbor. 
  • We had ravioli for supper and as soon as we were finished, those three ran back outside again. Once they came in, it was shower time for all-I am not sure how Campbell and Keaton can get so filthy while outside. 
  • Campbell did fall in some stickers or something today. She acted like they were inside of her skin for a bit. She washed them really well which helped. I read to put duct tape on them, but I am not sure if that worked. 
  • The evening was fairly quiet. We watched some tv and I worked on trimming everyone's fingernails. I have quite a few fingernail biters right now, which isn't good, but it does make my job easier!

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