May 15, 2019

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  • Oh, I really do love our summer days. Actually, these will probably be my favorite days all summer because we are not having to go to the pool each day. We are still going to Third Realm, but that doesn't take up most of the day. 
  • This morning I did my treadmill along with all of my chores. There wasn't Monopoly to play today, but Whitman and I did some reading. Everyone also finished their Jr. Ranger booklets so we are ready for our little trip. 
  • We all had lunch on our own before loading up to go to Third Realm. When I wrote about lunch on our own just then, I did have a brief moment of panic because I couldn't realize if I had fed Whitman anything. Campbell and he made a fort this morning, and he spent most of the day under there. I did slide a grilled cheese to him while he was in the fort at lunch time so all Dennies were fed.
  • We met all of our friends at Third Realm today. While we were there, a sweet old couple was digging in one of the pits looking for a phone dropped by a granddaughter. The kids joined in on the search and right as the couple was leaving, one of the kids found it. Everyone was so excited for them. Then a few minutes later, another kid found another phone in the foam pit.  Both founds that were found were very nice phones. Someone also found 2 20 dollar bills while they were searching which was a good talking point to everyone about when you are at a place like Third Realm, you shouldn't have anything valuable in your pockets.
  • After we left Third Realm, we went to the Dollar Store to buy some candy for the trip. Then a quick trip to Michaels followed by an even quicker run through Academy. My "to buy" list is getting shorter and shorter. Tomorrow the goal is to find Reagan a few t-shirts and a white shirt. Then I will be done...well, I do need a new pair of jeans, but that might have to wait.
  • Once at home, it wasn't too long before Nonna and Pops came over to with a tray of chocolate covered strawberries for the kids. Now, there is one kid that doesn't eat them so he received a little baggy of cookies. My kids ate strawberry after strawberry after strawberry. 
  • Soon everyone headed outside to play while Reagan and I headed to church for our VBS meetings. Reagan's meeting was much quicker than mine was, and she said that she walked around the church house a zillion times looking for me.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Robby were still outside when we made it home. It wasn't too long before they trickled in, and we ate our potatoes. I didn't have too many but it was enough to feed us all. We did supplement our meal with ice cream sandwiches for everyone before bedtime. It was nearly 9 when we finished supper so the evening was super short.

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