May 5, 2019

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  • I almost felt bad this morning when I had to tell Whitman that we were going to big church and then to play soccer. Those two things are his least favorite things so it was a big blow once he understood what all this day held in store for him. 
  • There was lots of hair doing this morning, but we had little clothes drama so that was nice. Keaton is still grabbing her black boots every week. I do know that it is past Easter and boots, especially black ones, are now a no-no. However, it is ice cold in the church house so I let her the same way that I let Campbell wear a sweatshirt type shirt. Next week, I might even be bringing my parka! Seriously, I could cut down on my tithe if they would turn the air conditioner down a little bit in the sanctuary.
  • Church was fine and so was Sunday school. Now, I did tell one kid to sit down about 15 times. It is time to sign up again to teach, and I swear it feels like we have been teaching for 30 years even though we had a break last year. We will teach again but gracious me, I have a super respect for all of those people that have taught Sunday school for forever.
  • After church, we changed our clothes and headed to Raymar. Nonna brought the lunch for everyone, and Grannymom brought the desserts. It was a pretty perfect day-maybe a tad on the warm side. We are even a bit pink, but hopefully not too bad since most everyone had at least two coats of sunscreen.
  • The games all went well-Anderson and Graham's team lost by 1 point. They just do so well, but will probably never win a game. Last year, Anderson's team never won, and it really seemed to get him down. Not so much this year. I think it is because he is one the team with some people that he knows (mainly Brody and his brother.) Either way, they are having fun so that is good.
  • Whitman's team played at the same time as the big boys. Whitman whined and complained pretty much the whole time that he was out on the field. He did run more the second half, but the other team was doing some pushing so my boy wasn't going to get involved in that at all. We will eventually find what that boy excels at--but it probably won't be soccer.
  • We then had a break so we were able to sit in the shade for a bit. Then the next two hours Reagan was the referee. The last game she had the coach that I was worried about her having. Of course, I never went and saw her since she was all the way across the fields and because during the last game when I came over she laughingly said "go away." Anyway, she said that the coach was fine and didn't say anything. 
  • Keaton's team did great today. They won, and Keaton scored once. She is one of the smallest but will get right in there and play hard. Next was Campbell's game-she was goalie all but one period. Now the one period that she was playing on the field, the goalie let two balls just roll into the goal. Her coach came out, jerked the goalie vest off of the one girl and put it back on my Campbell. I know she doesn't want to play goalie all of the time, but she is sure good at it (or at least better than the others on her team.)
  • After the games, we ran to pick up some books that I had bought and then made a quick trip to Walmart. The kids played outside some after we unloaded the car. Supper took a bit longer to make than we expected. 
  • Once supper was ready, we had ourselves a Cinco de Mayo meal. It was pretty yummy and killed hunger. Though I think that the burritos we had were not a bit hit, but the sombreros sure were.
  • The Wilsons came by for a few minutes to visit. When they left, it was dessert time for the kids followed by bedtime! They went to bed late and once they went to bed, Robby and I hung a picture in the kitchen. It took a bit longer than expected but we finally got it hung...and level!

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