May 18, 2019

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  • Today was our last day of soccer, and we didn't have an 8:30 game so really, could life get any better? The boys were awake this morning, but I did have to wake up Campbell and Keaton. Whitman was up early at Grannymom's house and Reagan was up late at her sleepover.
  • The first two games we had this morning was Whitman's and Campbell's. Campbell was super excited that Robby was able to watch her play because most of the games that she has played has been during a time that Robby was coaching another team. 
  • Campbell was goalie for most of the time, but for two periods she played on the field. I looked over one time to see Campbell just about knock the goalie down while kicking the ball. A bit later she was able to score which made that girl super excited.
  • Whitman really improved this year. Now, he won't probably be playing in the World Cup or anything, but he saw improved this year. Maybe next year will be his year that he really enjoys the game. 
  • Keaton's game was the next hour. She did super and scored today. Now, Keaton could have scored about 5 other times except she would miss the goal by inches each time. Robby is her coach, and the boys and I became quite tickled and him and the other coach. Robby would yell "kick it in" and the other coach would yell "kick it out." That just went on and on like that.
  • As soon as that game was over, Keaton, Campbell and I zoomed home so they could change clothes. It was Zoey's birthday party, and they were super excited about going. They had a great time, and came home with a bag full of candy.
  • I made it back just a few seconds after Anderson scored his first goal of the year. That was a pretty perfect way to end his Upward career. Graham really wanted to score, but he spent some time as goalie and did a pretty great job.
  • From there, we headed home for some work-I worked on cleaning out all of the soccer bags and turning one of them into a swim bag. There as also laundry and dishes to do. Robby mowed in high gear until the rain finally came.
  • When it became really dark, I ran out to move all of the soccer shoes and that I had airing out in the sun. Then Robby with a little help from me and Anderson put the back seat in the van. We finished right before the rain came down. I let Whitman use his umbrella to play in the crazy hard rain as Robby and I sat in the garage watching it rain.
  • Once inside, I helped Reagan make some bracelets. The kids started eating their supper, as Nonna and Pops were over. Their electricity was out so Nonna came over to dry her hair for a little bit-tomorrow is church after all. 
  • After the kitchen was finally cleaned, we headed over to the Wilson's house for a little bit. Shannon had made a dessert which we ate on after I had my supper-cheese dip and salsa. We didn't stay too crazy long because there was still lots to do before bed.
  • Robby cut some sausage and sliced some cheese. I cut and wrapped two recipes of rice krispy treats. Then the kids put up their laundry before it was finally bedtime. I am pretty exhausted today

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