May 17, 2019

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  • Well, this was the last calm summer day around here. From here on out, after our trip, the days will be filled with running to and from the pool along with our Third Realm visits. I have enjoyed this week so much that maybe we will have to finish school earlier next year. This was actually later than we usually finish school since our May trip is later. Though I am not too sure if we will be able to finish earlier with a few Disney trips on the horizon.
  • This morning it was nearly 11 when I was shocked to see Reagan downstairs on the computer. Each day so far, we have had to wake her up at 11 when we do our reading together. I guess she might have been awake because Campbell and Keaton were awake fairly early because they were excited about making muffins for breakfast. I think that the kids have made muffins at least 4 different times this week.
  • After lunch, we loaded up for Third Realm. The kids enjoyed jumping and afterwards, we dropped Whitman off at Grannymom's house for the night. He has been a little toot for us the past few days. His new thing is playing with water-if he has a water bottle, then he pours it everywhere. Most of the my carpet in the living room is wet right now because of that stinker.
  • The next stop was were Walmart and Sams. We divided and conquered-the boys ran into Sams while the girls ran into Walmart. Reagan found a few more things that she wanted for camp, and after packing Campbell today, I realized that she needed one more pair of shorts for this summer.
  • From there, we rushed home so Reagan could pack before heading off to Camryn's birthday party. Also the boys soon jumped back in the car to go to their Friday night basketball. The girls and I took Reagan while Robby stayed out until after basketball was over. 
  • Once we came back home, Campbell and Keaton rode to the neighbors house and even though I was sitting outside, I still never heard them or saw them playing so I am not too sure what they were doing.
  • Robby and the boys came back with pizza which we pretty much devoured. Then we headed out to work on the van. It takes about 60 feet of cord for Robby to get all of our trip cords/wires and plug ins ready for the trip. While he worked on this, I loaded the things that I had ready.
  • By the time that we came in, it was close to 10 and there wasn't much left of the evening. Tomorrow is the last soccer day and the weather looks decent in the morning so that will be fun.

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