May 3, 2019

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  • Only 3 days of school left, but don't tell my kids. I think that news would make them a bit excited. Though I am toying with making their summer school a bit more than last year, so that might make them not as excited.
  • We started school even later today than normal but still finished our reading in plenty of time. Graham was actually finished with his work by the time that I climbed out of bed. I am not sure what Campbell and Whitman were doing today since they were the last ones to finish.
  • Well, I do know what Whitman was doing-everything but school. For a while this morning, I sat near him and would grab him and pull him back to his spot in front of his work each time he tried to leave. Then around 11:30, I finally set beside him to hurry him along. Within two minutes of me sitting down, Whitman asked "Do you know that if you close one eye, you can see your nose?" and "Just out of curiosity, if I add 8 to 9, is it the same thing as adding 9 to 8?" People may think all that is cute, but the boy can just about send my over the edge!
  • Robby and Graham went out to lunch while the rest of us ate here. Then we all met back up at Third Realm. The dodgeball game today was heated and was still going on when they called our color. The worker said that the kids could stay, but the mommas said nah! (I would have been fine with staying though.) However, they did reward all of the kids with a prize-water bottle and free Third Realm pass to use later on.
  • When we left there, we headed to Grannymom's house for a few minutes. The big boys stayed there until it was time for basketball. At home, our afternoon was kind of slow-the girls played outside, Reagan and Whitman stayed inside and Robby and I went outside for a few minutes and even sat in the driveway watching the traffic (there really wasn't any traffic to watch though)
  • The Wilsons came over here tonight. Shannon had meat and tortillas so we made soft tacos, rice and beans for our supper. It killed hunger-Campbell and Keaton come home to eat at 8 and then went back outside until 8:30. Robby and Tony ran to pick up Graham (Anderson was spending the night at Grannymom's house). 
  • Once they came home, we all celebrated Friday night by eating apple crisp and ice cream while watching a few RV shows. It was a pretty perfect day-and now we wait to hear if the rain will cancel soccer tomorrow. Robby thinks that we will not play while I actually think that we will.  

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