May 11, 2019

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  • I was awake at 5:50 when my phone buzzed with a text to the soccer refs that soccer had been cancelled. I checked the radar and indeed the rain was just about to arrive. I text the grands and Jason and then tried to go back to sleep. 
  • At 6, the next text came through to everyone about the cancelled games. So then I decided that I should put a sign up for the kids so they would know. I went to the kitchen to write my "no soccer" note. I did, but then I couldn't see it on the paper-I had used a very light colored pen, so I wrote it again with a darker pen before hanging it on the wall.
  • I then did turn off my alarm and snuggled back under the covers until almost 10. Campbell and Whitman had already come in our room a few times this morning before I did get out of bed. Even though I had planned on staying in bed until 11 (it is Mother's Day weekend), I did get up when Keaton asked to make muffins. She can do most of it by herself, but does just need someone around.
  • I had folded a few pieces of laundry and emptied a few dishes when Anderson asked my to play Monopoly. I threw my potatoes in the oven and sat down to play for "30 minutes" which turned into an hour. We still didn't finish but all of the players (Anderson, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and myself) were having a good time when we did take a break.
  • Robby had finished my laundry and dishes so I moved on to my next task which was packing Whitman. He is easy to pack since he really has no opinion plus he has plenty of clothes that I can pack him up so early.  From there, I did join Robby out in the garage. He was working on straightening it, and we stayed out there most of the afternoon long. 
  • I did take a break at one point to work on my potatoes. I made 2 dozen twice baked potatoes to put in my freezer. Oh, and we also took another break for lunch. Anderson wanted biscuits, sausage and eggs so he made some for himself, Robby and me. 
  • This evening Robby and I ran to pick up supper for everyone. Whitman wanted a hamburger so he received a Dairy Queen burger. Everyone else wanted Chinese so we tired out Yum Yum Hibachi which is actually Japanese food. On the way, Robby and I did get distracted by a popcorn shop and bought our evening snack there. And we also ran and bought 2 more flats of strawberries bringing the total up to 5-that is a lot of freezer space that I am using up.
  • Once at home, we ate our supper and had tons of leftovers. It isn't that convenient but we all enjoyed it and would go there again. The kids then worked on their showers and while they weren't showering, they were helping me again with the strawberries. Most everyone enjoyed helping, but one wasn't too pleased with it (Reagan)
  • After the kitchen was cleaned, we all headed to the bonus room to watch Charlotte's Web. We just read that book out loud so it was fun to watch the movie and eat popcorn. 
  • At bedtime, Whitman told me that the card in the corner of his room was for Dad's Father's day. The kids must think that I am completely oblivious about things-there has been lots of whispering, lots of time in the school room with markers everywhere and lots of running around with paper behind their backs. 

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