May 19, 2019-Great Lakes Day 1

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It didn't take long for Robby to wake up this morning. He knew that today was road trip day, and there were still lots of things to do. I was a bit slower getting up but was still right behind him rushing around trying to get a few more things done.

I had told everyone to make their beds this morning. I do know now that I probably need to work on "making your bed" lessons. Since their beds are all against a wall, they are a bit more difficult to make, but still!

Robby called "2 minutes" this morning when I was on my hands and knees in the car shoving bags into their places. It doesn't matter how prepared you are for a trip, there are always so many things to do. We had originally planned on leaving tomorrow, but who wants to wake up at the crack of dawn.

When Whitman heard that we would be spending the night in a hotel, he was so excited. Robby asked him why, and he replied that he loved sleeping on the floor. Good thing because he always gets a turn to sleep on the floor. 

The children's Sunday school was so neat this morning. We went to different rooms and heard missionaries to different countries speak. It was incredible, and now I want to go to Honduras and Algeria...well, maybe not Algeria, but I might want to learn more about that country from the safety of my home.

After church, Reagan went with all of the other 7th graders to tie dye t-shirts for camp. They also worked on their cheers-who knew you needed cheers for camp? They had lunch, pizza, there and from there Reagan went to church to have supper, pizza again. She had a mission trip meeting tonight. When that was over, she ended up in the sanctuary passing out balls as all of the Upward folks left which is where she met up with us.

Robby had a meeting after church so he stayed there for lunch while the rest of us ate BBQ at Nonna's house. She had her baked beans which are so much better that mine ever are. I have tried but just can't match hers.

The kids and I played a little bit of Trivial Pursuit before we left. When we headed home, I had a pretty good list of things that we needed to do in about 2 hours when I had to leave again. Pops was pretty sure that I wouldn't get a nap in-but I did. Well, kind of. I did lay down and close my eyes for 5 minutes. I didn't really go to sleep though so I am not sure if that counted at all.

After my power rest, Robby and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. I think we got everything accomplished-though we did leave a jug of lemonade in the fridge instead of it getting int he ice chest. 

I rushed out the door at 3:30 to take Anderson to his t-shirt tie dye party. It was just a come and make a t-shirt. We were the first ones there and the first ones finished. That worked out perfectly, because as soon as we flew down the road, Robby had the van on and was finishing loading the last few things. 

We then headed to church for the Upward soccer celebration. They had games-Whitman was called up on stage for one of the games. There were about 20 five and six year olds on the stage. They were kind of doing the "telephone game." It was mass chaos but somehow the group that Whitman was in won so he received a 10 dollar Chick Fil A gift card. He was so excited. 

After the soccer thing was over, we found Reagan, went to the restroom, grabbed some ice and hit to road. We made it as far as Nonna's house because I do not plan to drive to Canada with 6 soccer balls in my car at all! Plus we had to 2 tie dye tshirts that Nonna will have to rinse and wash tomorrow. 

Our final stop tonight was Sikeston which is the home of the throwed rolls. The kids will be disappointed that we can't eat there since that restaurant near Branson was one of their favorite places to eat. Tonight we did eat our supper in Brinkley at McDonalds. Well, we did eat on the road after running in to potty again and get our food.

After we ate, we passed out drinks, and then we eventually passed out ipads. We have to make them last as long as we can. Once those babies were passed out, we never heard a peep from the kids again-those magical devices. That was fine because Robby and I rehashed the day along with trying to figure out better packing strategies. 

We arrived at our hotel around 10:40ish. It didn't take long for us to unpack and get to the room. These days we barely need a cart anymore. We still use one, but most everyone can carry their bag plus something else. We were soon in the room in our pjs finding our beds. 

This is one of our smallest rooms tonight, but when Reagan saw it, she said "this isn't too small." So that is a good thing. Everyone is almost asleep right now and Robby and I are not too far behind them.

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