May 9, 2012

What? It's just a LITTLE DIRT!
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  • Robby left for work pretty early this morning and when Graham reported to me that Daddy woke him up before he left I was not at all pleased with Daddy (though I don't think that is exactly accurate).  Before breakfast 3 of 5 of the kids were dressed and all were ready for today's big plans.
  • I had thought that we would read 100 books today for our last day of school.  Well, we weren't quite able to make it. Actually, I think we could have done it but the kids wouldn't have gotten to eat breakfast or lunch or do anything else today.  But we are keeping count and will try to finish 100 books this week (or maybe early next week! ha!).  100 books or not, today was our official last day of school and counting Comm Central, we did 166 days of school around here which isn't too shabby at all.  We still have a long summer list of things to do plus we have about 4 more states to talk about before the big trip.
  • The Schwann's man rang the doorbell at about the same time a big bulldozer rolled up.  I again bought something today-strawberry popsicles and they are delicious.  The bulldozer man worked all day long-he has leveled around the driveway area, poured gravel on our little driveway, gravel all down the long driveway (why not do that now too we decided), moved gravel in front of the addition and soil on that spot.  He still has some work to do tomorrow with digging the hole for the pool (kidding!)
  • As soon as Anderson saw the bulldozer, he ran upstairs and put on his clothes.  Before I realized, he was outside playing in the dirt with his bulldozer and other dirt moving trucks.   Graham went out too and I was in the kitchen.  Within minutes, I heard Anderson screaming-it was more than just a little scream it was the "something is wrong scream."  I figured that Graham had put dirt in his face and rushed outside.  I saw Graham and just as I was about to scold him, I saw that he had no clue what was going on.  Then Anderson came running to me-screaming, flailing around and shaking.  The boy was hysterical but I was about to decipher "grand daddy long legs on me" as he screamed.  I found it and brushed it off and he just shook as he continued to cry.  Pitiful.  Then he stopped crying, took his shoes off and went outside.  No more grand daddy long legs for that boy!
  • Graham also needed to do his share of working today, so he moved his tools to their bedroom and started to work.  He likes to use his tools on the bunk beds because there is "lots of room and lots of wood."  Reagan joined him in playing and they worked and worked.  Soon everyone was playing but Graham kept saying "where are all of my tools going?"  Finally, he lost interest and started playing with something else.
  • As I was putting my 15th load of laundry in the dryer this afternoon, I discovered all of his tools-in the dryer. I now remember having to tell Campbell to leave the laundry room.  That child is something else-seriously.  I got so tickled at her this afternoon when I was changing Keaton's poopy diaper.  She leaned down in Keaton's face and screamed "Potty, poo poo in the potty Keaton."  (And I haven't really done 15th loads of laundry today-just seems like it)
  • Before too long, Robby was home from work and we all headed outside for a bit.  We played basketball, baseball and then had supper outside.  The Dennie's came over to see the new dirt work, cabinets and doors.  Robby and James worked on the basketball goal for a bit and then the kids headed back to the dirt pile.  At one time they were all singing about taking a bath as they were rubbing the dirt all over them.  Anderson shouted that he was getting a massage.  They had dirt in every crook and cranny of their little bodies!  What a mess!

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