May 16, 2012-Field Day

GAMES and more GAMES!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • We woke up this morning and the kids were still just as excited about Field Day.  They were so excited that they were actually happy to help me clean this morning.  Kennedy came over early this morning while her mom went to a meeting and she was even recruited into the Dennie cleaning crew-don't fell too sorry for them.  The only had to empty the trash, straighten a few rooms, wipe down the cabinets and then take the trash around the house.
  • Next up we talked about our next to last state-Iowa.  Everyone had a few pages to color and Kennedy took over Campbell's pages for her.  Campbell will gladly color her pages if she is awake when we do it but her coloring consists of drawing one line down the paper, saying "all done" and then trying for 5 minutes to put the page in her binder. 
  • It was around 10:30 when we went outside for a few minutes to set a few things up and soon everyone started arriving-Kennedy was already here, then Caroline, Alyssa Kate, Noah, Eden, Lilly, Brodie and Ethan-for a total of 13 kids.  Lilly and Keaton didn't participate in any games.  Keaton would have won at the swimming pool tipping over event today.  I have been putting her in the empty kiddie pool to sit and play safely while we are outside.  She flipped it over two times today by trying to reach something outside of it.  The first time she also got a face full of dirt but laid there happily until we came to rescue her.  
  • The kids enjoyed playing in the dirt, on the swingset and running the trails so we even hated to start the games.  But after we started them they wanted to play more and more of them.  After lunch they all started shouting-"more games, more games."  I will try to run down the games we played and the winners (if I can remember).  Game 1: The egg toss was first and Eden and Caroline won.  Campbell and Brodie were so cute playing together-they would hand the egg back and forth to each other-no throwing, just handing it back and forth.
  • Then we had the egg on a spoon relay race which the boys won.  Game number 3 was tug of war.  We started with boys versus girls but the boys pulled the girls halfway across the yard before we could even snap a picture.  So then we did adults versus kids.  I must admit those kids were determined and we won once and they won one game.  Everyone walked away with a bit of rope burn after that game.
  • Game 4 was eating a donut off of the string without using their hands.  Reagan was determined to eat every last bite of her donut.  And by that time Robby arrived with the pizza.  Later in the day I asked Campbell what her favorite game was and she said "Daddy come home."  We all took a break and had pizza, juice boxes and grapes for lunch.  
  • The fifth game was unroll your roll of toilet paper and throw all of your trash away the fastest.  Campbell worked really hard at this game and was probably her favorite since she is accustom to unrolling toilet paper!  Robby helped Graham but Reagan was still the winner of this game.  
  • Game 6 was ring toss with some giant rings.  If you can't tell from my pictures, I was what the boys were trying to get the ring around.  I think that the girls were the first ones to actually win this game.  I had been saving pizza boxes for a while to play game 7 which was carry the pizza box over your head game.  Kennedy won that game and most of the kid seemed to be naturals at this.  We decided that we might put them to work early at a pizza parlor.
  • The eighth game was the sack race.  I think that Ethan won the sack race but quite a few feet poked through the thin bags before they made it back across the finish line.  Game 9 was the 3 legged race.  I had my crew practice early this morning but that didn't help.  Reagan was with Noah and I believe they came in second place.  Anderson and Alyssa Kate were the winners-though she drug him for a few feet before they both crawled across the finish line.  Graham and Eden were tied together and when we tried to show them to put their arms around each other to help-Graham said "no way."  But look at the pictures of him and Eden-he is my ladies man!  Campbell went with Jodee and then took a few steps with Brodie.
  • Next we had our snacks and rested for a few minutes.  Our final game, game number 10, was the water balloon toss.  The kids toss the balloons and then ran around chasing each other with the remaining balloons.  Then it was time for the awards ceremony.  Everyone received a little trophy and they were all so proud to come and get their trophies.  Seriously, so happy and most of them kept their trophies right by their side throughout the rest of the day.  Reagan received the award for winning the donut eating, Anderson for the 3 legged race, Graham for best effort and Campbell for happiest.  
  • The kids had a blast and were already planning next years Field Day when they went to bed last night.  After everyone left, Campbell and Keaton took a nap and the other 3 watched a movie.  Graham and Reagan both fell asleep while watching.  Soon the neighbor kids were knocking on the door so all of my kids headed outside.
  • We had leftovers for supper out on the picnic table and then cut the boys hair before coming in for baths.  It was a big day at the Dennie house and the kids were all exhausted tonight!

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