May 12, 2012

Happy 93rd Birthday Papaw!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • The kids woke up after 7, the workers were here at 8:15 and Grannymom, Grandpa and Reagan arrived around 8:30.  Needless to say we had a busy morning but that was without the soccer game because of the rain.  Even though we had warned Anderson that rain may be a possibility he still started to cry.   He was quickly over that when we mentioned breakfast.
  • Robby and Grandpa worked on adding more cement to the basketball goal pole.  I did some laundry and Grannymom played with everyone.  Other than that I didn't get much done.  The kids put on their clothes and Campbell did not like the dress that I had laid out for her.  I thought that was a bit funny because I had laid out the exact same dress for her to wear tomorrow to church.  I showed Reagan the other dress and Campbell saw us and then she tried to take off the dress she was wearing to put on a copy of it.   Silly thing.
  • We had lunch with Beebee and Papaw along with Nonna, Pops and Jason.  We were celebrating Papaw's 93rd birthday.  The kids did very well especially after Papaw gave them each a couple of dollars.  After that Campbell hugged Papaw and gave Beebee a giant hug.  Seriously, maybe I should start paying that child.
  • After that party we came home for a few minutes of rest...Keaton, Campbell and Reagan were all sleeping. Anderson and Graham had been playing on our phones in our room and had just left.  Robby was laying in the bed and I had just moved from the bed to the chair.  Just remember all of that while I mention that our old closet door now connects to the addition and one of my biggest fears lately is that someone will walk in while we are sleeping.  And today it happened-the worker man walked into our room to look for his tools (they had been working in our room).  Needless to say we were all startled.  Robby was just so pleased that they put in his office window that he really didn't care who came into our bedroom!
  • Soon afterwards we loaded back up and went to Will's birthday party at Larry's pizza.  The kids played lots of games and even won a bouncy ball, starburst and a pixie stick.  Reagan would take Robby's money and exchange it for tokens and was so responsible to pass out everyone's tokens.  Of course, this process would take a lot more time than the time it actually took for them to spend those tokens.  But that had lots of fun.
  • And when we left Robby swung by Dollar General to let everyone pick out a prize since they had been good all day.  The girls got tiny dolls and they played with them all evening long-I did occasionally have to put Campbell's doll's head back on.  Graham bought a sword and grenade and Anderson bought a tiny game of pool.  When we came home, Robby and I went  outside to clean up the addition while the kids played with their new toys-this lasted about 10 minutes before everyone was fussing.
  • A popsicle did buy us some more time and a bottle for Keaton made her happy.  She now has 4 top teeth for a total of 6.  And that girl loves her some food but wasn't too interested in baked beans and potato salad from lunch.  Before too long I was about to herd the kids upstairs when they all went running to the school room.
  • When Reagan came to me and asked how to spell "mother" I knew they were making cards.  She later came in and said that the boys didn't have cards for me and she was helping them.  She sounded so disgusted with them that they did not have proper cards for me.  After all the cards were made and hidden by their pillows everyone went to bed.

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