May 4, 2012

Miss Conductor!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • This morning Anderson was the first one up and came and got in bed with me (mattress still in the living room floor due to dust).  He first asked "bring me my Keaton."  I declined since Keaton was still sleeping.  He said he didn't care and wanted to lay by her.  A few minutes later he said that all night he had dreamed about daddy coming home and bringing home basketballs.
  • And not too long after that, Graham told me that he had been dreaming about jumping on my mattress.  And since I do want all my children's dreams to come true, I let them have at it.  So much so that the boys were sweating.  But Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell jumped and jumped and Keaton sat and watched while I ran around the house working as fast as I could.  Now that our room is cleaned and back to normal, I might still just pull that mattress off of the bed and let them jump when I need some time.
  • Speaking of that mattress, all day yesterday and until tonight, our box spring was just leaning up against the wall in the hall way.  And somehow Robby had laid a shirt on it and at least 50 times I saw that shirt and thought that a rather large man was standing in our hallway.  I thought about moving it but finally decided that my heart jumping out of my chest occasionally during the day was kind of like exercise and maybe good for me!
  • We did school today-our last real day of school.  I plan on doing 3 more tomorrow just to tie up our loose ends and do some more states from our upcoming road trip.  Made me kind of sad that today was the last day to do math and phonics for a few months...oh, maybe not.  I might just sneak a bit of that in on our summer to do list.
  • Pops came over to mow a bit this morning and he asked if Anderson could spend the night and right after that Anderson was ready to pack his clothes.  He didn't want to waste any time.  They went to Chuck E Cheese tonight and had a big time.  They also went to Jason's house so they could play some video games-Anderson must have had the bast time.
  • Keaton has really started moving around on the floor.  She doesn't crawl but she can twist and scoot back.  This morning, she rolled around until she almost rolled completely under a chair in the living room.  I was standing up to get my camera when she must have realized that she was stuck and started to whimper.  Graham also realized that he was stuck tonight when he went to the bathroom when we were out to eat.  The stall door didn't open all the way because of the toilet paper container.  I was busy with Campbell and Reagan tried to help him at first but couldn't.  He was almost in a panic and Reagan was about to crawl under to get him when I gave the door a good push and it opened right up.
  • Robby worked in the yard all afternoon and we also worked on removing the dust from our bedroom and sweeping the addition.  Now we just have to figure out how to make the floor look clean again-the sheetrock mudder people were quite messy.  Before too long, it was almost 6 and Robby had to run to the bank and Sams. We rode along and ended up stopping for supper, buying a few lawn chairs and then grabbing ice cream on the way home.
  • Once we made it home, Robby and I got to work and the kids helped out a bit.  I kept them up and helping until almost 10 and then they went to bed.  It is almost 12 now and I have to wake Robby up so we can finish getting ready for tomorrow!

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