May 13, 2012-Happy Mother's Day

Breakfast in Bed for Mother's Day!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • We heard Reagan on the monitor this morning calling for Robby at 6 on the dot.  She knew that it was Mother's Day and it must be morning since it was daylight and that meant that it was time to get up and start making me my breakfast.  Robby told her that she had a few more minutes.  They all must have gone back to sleep for a few more minutes but were soon awake again-they were all so excited about Mother's Day.
  • I graciously stayed in bed for a few more minutes while they worked on my waffles.  (I did lay everything out for them late last night).  They came into our room and were all so excited-carrying cards, flowers planted at school, presents, juice and waffles.  Everyone had cards for me, Anderson had a flower from school (that had spent quite a bit of time in Robby's car and is looking pretty sad) and Reagan bought me a box of chocolates, a Dalmatian figurine and some fake potted flowers.  We all then went into the kitchen and everyone had waffles and then we rushed around to get ready for church
  • Graham found one of his dollars from yesterday in the car and immediately begin asking if we could swing by Burger King on the way to church to buy cinna minis-the answer was no since we just had waffles.  
  • At church, Reagan and Anderson did fine during the sermon without anything to color or do (last week Anderson lost that privilege last week.)  And that will be probably what we do from now on-just listen.  Though I probably do need to stick their Bibles into my bag.  Of course all of the kids have NIV Bibles and the preacher doesn't read from NIV-which is fine but how can they follow along.  Not a big deal because my Bible was always different than Bro. Pauls growing up and I survived.    
  • Actually, I don't really know how Reagan and Anderson did during church because I left when the sermon started.  Graham's class was having Muffins for Mom.  He was so happy to see me come in and was so proud of serve me.  That boy had 2 muffins, 2 cups of juice and fruit-he eats all of the time.  Of course, when it was time to go he was so upset even though we had talked about me having to go and keep the babies.
  • I grabbed everyone from their class a few minutes early and we went and had our pictures made in the little photo booths at church this morning.  Maybe we can scan them so you can see them.  I will put that on the list-my list is longer this week than it has been in months.  Last few days before going on our trip and lots, lots to do-so much so I don't really know how and where to start. 
  • We ate lunch with Nonna and Pops and the kids checked on the garden before we headed home.   I put Campbell down for a nap, Reagan and Anderson watched a movie, Graham worked on rearranging all of the pillows/cushions in the living room and Keaton was in bed with us.  Keaton was quite squirmy so Robby pulled her bed in our room and laid her down-she wasn't happy but we were very still so maybe she would forget that we were there and she eventually did.  
  • It was a wonderful Mother's Day nap and everyone stirred again around 4.  After a popsicle, we all went outside for a little bit of hoops.  We did divide into teams and play a game tonight-that was pretty comical!  Then Robby took the big 4 on a trailer ride while I swept the addition and then he did a little cleaning of his sheds and pulling out a few things for the trip. 
  • Back inside, I made the kids clean up the school room and then we had supper followed by baths and bedtime. They were all pretty tired but one thing that I have forgotten to mention over the past few days is one incident that happened with Campbell.  She was sitting on the couch and Anderson was near by her.  She tooted and looked right at her brother and said "Anderson!" as if to blame it on him.

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