May 14, 2012

Our blonde hair, blue eyed girl!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • Campbell and Graham were the first two up and after they played in the toy room for a bit they came to our room.  Robby and I just laid there while those two crawled into bed with us and then out the foot of the bed under the covers.  They did this over and over again and we just laid there ignoring what was going on so we could rest for a few more minutes.
  • Soon it was time for me to get Anderson ready for school.  That poor boy was exhausted and it took me forever to wake him up.  But I eventually just put his clothes on him while he pretended like he was asleep.  He even let me brush his teeth while he just laid there.  Then I picked him up and headed to the stairs.  When I got to the edge of the stairs, he immediately jumped up.  I think he thought I was going to throw him down the stairs but later he said that he didn't want me to carry him down the steps.  
  • After Robby and Anderson left, I started on my laundry from the weekend.  It was a crazy, crazy large pile but the kids played around me and I finished after too long.  Reagan kept begging for a snack but I kept telling her after I finished the laundry.  Then I started putting the laundry up-hanging stuff, taking loads downstairs-and this just made Reagan more anxious.  Finally I finished and Graham, Campbell and she watched a movie while I worked some more.  I tried to do a bit of packing today and managed to do the food, the diaper bag, my bag, one change of clothes for the kids and one pair of pajamas.  Ok, that doesn't sound like a lot when I write it down but trust me it took most all day along with all my other stuff.
  • Robby brought Anderson home from school and we had lunch.  And everyone was pretty wild so I read a few books to them-this does calm them down a bit.  Keaton just stared and stared at the books as I read.  Then I put Campbell down for a nap and we worked on coloring our Minnesota map and Anderson did his reading book.  By this time, my Reagan must have been tired because she started fussing and whining.  This eventually woke Campbell up who needed a much longer nap because she later fell apart at the grocery store.
  • The kids managed to play a bit of basketball before we left to meet Robby for supper.  We ate at Arbys and all of the kids love Arbys.  Seriously, they ate 3 whole sandwiches is big seeing as how they only eat a total of 1 when we have bbq.  We then went to the store to buy our trip food and buy we did!
  • I forgot to mention this morning I saw the UPS man driving down our road.  What?  I was about to be upset that he was using my road as a cut through but a few minutes later he rang the doorbell.  He said that he left me 5 big boxes in front of the garage.  Hmm, what could it be?  Well the other day Robby noticed an unexpected charge on his credit card and apparently when he ordered something last time he had inadvertently signed up for the auto shipment (which he has now cancelled).  What was it you ask?  TOILET PAPER!  That is 5 boxes each containing 100 rolls of toilet paper.  And now that is in addition to the over 400 rolls that I have stored away from last time the toilet paper arrived.  We will still have this toilet paper when we move into a nursing home!!

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