May 6, 2012

Hoops on a hot Sunday afternoon!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Church this morning and since I had neglected to lay out the clothes last night we took a bit longer to get ready.  So to save a few minutes, we just stopped for breakfast (not on the way but it makes everyone happy).
  • Anderson had a harder than usual time during church today.  So hard in fact that I once pulled him up by his ear to make him stand.  We told them that there would be no drawing next week in big church-we are there to listen and not color.  We will see how that works out (if we remember this).  Though in all honesty, it always bothers me that I have trained my children that they can pull out their colors when the preacher begins-taught them that it is okay to disengage during that important part of the service.  
  • But Anderson was listening well during the choir special today.  They sang a song in Spanish because of the guests who were there from Peru.  Anyway, one of Anderson's friend's dad was singing and I had just explained that he was singing in Spanish.  Anderson looked at me all confused and asked "is he ever going to be able to talk like us again?"-he thought the singer would no longer be able to speak English and now only Spanish.
  • We had birthday party leftovers at Grannymom's house for lunch-leftover beans, potato salad and desserts since that is what we had plenty of.  She did add a few extras though.  Lilly invited Reagan to her dance recital and even though Reagan fell asleep during it last year, she wanted to go again this year.  Cash came home with us to play with the boys.
  • Robby and I had decided that this was going to be a nap day for us so the boys had to stay inside to play.  That was fine-they watched a movie, made a fort, played with cars, played army men and had a grand old time.  Most of the time they played shirtless-and I really don't know why since it was a bit cold in the house today.
  • They played inside until Robby saw a snake and we all went out to watch it.  Robby was out on the patio and saw the snake and then watched it as it climbed a tree and then we came out.  Two snakes were in that tree-that might have been pilfering a birds nest.  Either way, there were two snakes in that tree.  One was at least 4 feet long.  We have heard that ground up moth balls will keep the snakes out of the yard.  So that is an option or the other option is for me to move!
  • Soon Reagan was home and Cash left.  I fed the kids a bit of supper outside and they swang or a bit and then we all went to play basketball.  The kids are so enjoying their basketball and I can tell they will spend many hours out there.  Of course, Robby bought 4 balls-two standard size and two junior ones and they are different colors-two orange and two brown. And as you can imagine, that causes problems because everyone wants the orange ones.  Seriously?
  • Nonna and Pops stopped by for a few minutes and then everyone came inside for baths.  Anderson spent his bath time trying to baptize himself.  Upstairs, I sat Keaton in the bath with the girls and she was not happy about that at all.  In her defense she hasn't really had that many bath and usually she just takes a quick shower with Robby.  
  • I then made everyone a snack and they headed to bed.  We said our prayers and then said good night.  Reagan has become quite the prayer.  She usually always remembers/reminds us to prayer before meals.  The other day the kids were eating on a blanket in the living room and I heard her tell them "We forgot to pray.  Let's pray together.  Repeat after me...." And then she led them all in a prayer.  Cutest thing ever.

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