May 11, 2012

Hope they always love each other!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • One of the kids first called us at 8.  I walked to the kitchen and saw the time and returned to encourage Robby to get up and get going.  I went upstairs and opened the kids blinds to see the trim guys knocking downstairs to plug in their tools.  I rushed downstairs and opened the door for them and then headed back upstairs.
  • I told the kids that we were going to Kennedy's house after we cleaned our house and before I knew it, Anderson and Graham were cleaning up the toy room.  They continued to work and then we headed downstairs for breakfast. Afterwards, I continued passing out chores and all of the kids must have really wanted to go to Kennedys (especially Anderson) because they worked hard cleaning.  They cleaned the bathroom counters, kitchen counters, swept the kitchen, straightened the school room and living room, put stuff away and turned off the lights-amazing for around here.
  • Before leaving the house, Reagan packed for Grannymom's house.  This was her night to spend the night and she was so excited.  We packed her soccer stuff and she was so excited about another game (unfortunately, it looks like rain).  Reagan did want to pack her new quilt that she made and was so proud to show Grannymom.
  • At Kennedy's house, Anderson was so excited about playing with Austin's cars.  We have tons of cars but just playing with someone elses is so much more fun.  I actually dropped the kids off and went to the book sale just down the road and the plan was for Jodee to go when I returned but she changed her mind about going.  Anyway, that was actually the first time that the kids had all stayed with some one other than family.  I did bring my spoon just in case anyone needed it.  I think they were all pretty good though-Reagan even commented on the way home that "we were so good, even Campbell acted like a big girl."
  • And Campbell did have a big time-she had her hair French braided, tried on a precious Minnie dress, claimed a pair of shoes and a shirt.  I really don't know how much of a big girl that Campbell was since during hide and seek she took of her skirt and diaper saying she needed to potty (she didn't potty though).
  • We finally left Kennedys when Keaton was so tired that she could not keep her eyes open.  We dropped Reagan off at Grannymom's house.  Everyone wanted to get out so I told them that we could stop at Sonic and they were all happy with that plan.  Once we made it home, Robby was home soon after and we all took a tour of the addition to see what all had happened today.
  • As we were looking around I was pointing out all of the baseboards since it was the trim guys there today.  Anderson saw them and said "oh, we will have so many baseboards to clean now."  Yes, they will.  
  • Robby, Anderson, Graham and Campbell worked on spreading some grass seed around the yard.  Soon all of them but Graham went to the Tractor Store for more seed.  Graham was getting tired and stayed at home with me and Keaton. He almost fell asleep as we were sitting outside.  Back from the store, Anderson and Campbell got out of the store holding new tiny tractors to play with.  Graham was happy when Campbell gave hers to him (the plan all along since she likes the dirt but doesn't play with the tractors and cars in it)
  • Soon Pops and Nonna came over with hay for our dirt and seed.  We all helped spread it out and then the kids played in the sprinkler in their clothes while I heated up supper.  They had quick baths and then Pops and Nonna ate with us.  They left and then we let them stay up for a big longer before putting them all to bed.

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