May 5, 2012-Happy Birthday Grandpa

Celebrating 80 Years!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures)
Click here for pictures of Jame's 80th Birthday Party 
  • Graham's normal routine is to put on his clothes as soon as he gets up.  His normal routine before changing his clothes is to also walk around naked for a few minutes. Today he went to the bathroom to do his business for a bit.  He must have been sitting on the potty for awhile.  Because Reagan came to me and whispered "do you know that Graham has a big circle on his bottom?"
  • In the car today on the way to the soccer game, Robby told Reagan that he wanted her to score 2 goals.  I added that we just wanted to have fun and Reagan replied that she didn't want to have fun.  She wanted to W-I-N.  And win she did, Reagan was on fire today and scored 4 goals today for her team.  I lost count of the score but it was around 8 to 2.  At least twice during the soccer game, I heard Reagan shout (probably at Anderson) "Keep your eye on the ball."
  • Anderson wasn't as into the soccer game today.  He has become quite the buddy with one of the other little boys that play on the team and Robby said that whenever they are on the field together they distract each other.  He did still run after the ball and get a few kicks in.  
  • And that bring me to Graham-he didn't really care much about watching the soccer game.  But Campbell cared alot about running through the tunnel.  This week she stayed with the team at least but she ran through and was so proud of her little self.  She sent most of the morning at home looking for her "soccer shoes" but I was able to distract her by talking about running through the tunnel.  She looked at me and said "run far."
  • Anderson wanted to go back home with Jason after the game to properly finish his spending the night.  Graham went home with Nonna and got a slushy on the way to her house.  Campbell and Reagan went home with Grannymom for a bit before the party.  This all happened so fast that Graham wasn't really sure what all was happening but was pretty afraid that he was going to miss the party.  Nonna picked up Anderson and had to get him a slushy from Sonic too and was going to take them home for lunch but Graham just wanted to come home so she brought them home.
  • The boys were fine at home.  I told them they could watch a movie in my room, play in the kitchen or play outside but all other rooms were off limits because they were clean.  They watched a movie and then I felt sorry for them and did let them go upstairs and play.  They even picked up when they left the toy room and I didn't have to ask.  
  • Robby and I were so busy working that the boys never even had lunch.  I had fed Keaton earlier but our afternoon consisted of raking leaves (me and Robby), sweeping the addition (me), 2nd trip to Walmart today (Robby), vacuuming (me), weed eating (Robby), picking up the kitchen (me) and putting all of the mowers up (Robby).  Before long Grannymom and Grandpa arrived and soon after Les and family showed up as well.
  • Then I started the next job-giving everyone a bath.  They did really well and it went fairly smoothly until it was time for Anderson to put on his clothes.  First he didn't want to wear the shirt I had laid out of him, then he only wanted to wear his robe and then he wanted to wear his blue sporty type shorts.  Poor thing was just exhausted and was having a melt down.  I tried to calm him down but eventually had to go and get in the shower.  Finally Robby calmed him down (along with a popsicle).  I heard Robby telling him that he didn't want to put on his nice shorts and collared shirt either but he was going to because it was Grandpa's birthday and I guess that message soaked in with Anderson because a few minutes later, he was down stairs watching the Kentucky Derby.  Once I told him the party had started, he joined everyone outside.
  • Grandpa's 80th birthday party was at our house tonight.  I counted around 52 people but it was hard to get a good count.  All of the cousins did very well and ate a few bites before going over to the swings and dirt to start playing. They played the entire evening and worked very hard on digging a hole-large enough that I worried that they had buried Campbell when I couldn't find her once.  She was just inside washing dishes that time.  Another time I couldn't find her, she was looking for school scissors to open her candy since Aunt Shelley had taken my scissors away from her.  And tonight for supper, Campbell got her own plate and filled it up with chips and then walked to her seat.  Funny girl-I guess she though we would just let her eat chips.  We did get her a sandwich (but who knows if she ate any of it).  
  • Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa and then devoured all of our desserts.  Robby had bought me a new cupcake stand for the occasion and I filled it full of carrot cake, strawberry and chocolate chip cupcakes and they were all pretty good.  So good that I think I have eaten at least 5.  Click here for pictures of Grandpa's party
  • After the party, the Dennie crew cleaned everything up.  It didn't take long-even though Robby had us moving the picnic table all across the yard.  It was the table Grandpa had build for us and it was heavy.  Robby, Shelley, Les, Dana and I all picked it up.  First we almost hit a tree and had to turn, then we had to go over the baby who was sitting on a blanket and finally we had to move it some more since we weren't in the right spot.  All that work and we still didn't get it in exactly the same spot!
  • Back inside we gave our kids quick baths.  They were all so tired from this busy day.   Keaton was the most tired-she has only had 2 short naps today.  One of her naps was during the party but I decided that she didn't need to miss the party so I woke her up.  She was the sweetest thing when I woke her up and was in the best mood-probably helped that she convinced someone to feed her some ice cream!

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