May 17, 2012

Our last soccer game...Team Cobras!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • Since it is after one in the morning I will try to be brief tonight but may not do so well at that since I have a few notes of things I have forgotten over the previous days.  The other night, Graham screamed for me in the middle of the night and when I made it upstairs, he said "Anderson is growling."  I calmed him down and then went back downstairs thinking nothing of Anderson growling.  Then it happened again and I finally figured out that Anderson was snoring and this was scaring Graham to death.  Of course Graham wakes up Campbell who is a light sleeper and it took a few minutes to calm everyone down.
  • Reagan and Anderson had two play 100 dollar bills.  Reagan asked Anderson what he would buy if they were real and he said a real fire truck.  Reagan wondered if he would want to buy a big house like ours.  I finally had to explain to those two that there money is what we spent on groceries.  After I told them that they looked so disappointed-I took all of the fun out of there game.  Kind of like when we see we didn't win the lottery and have to stop talking about how we will spend the money.
  • Campbell was playing in the dirt pile last night and started screaming "snake, snake."  Not being real sure about what she saw, I went to check and she peered down showing me the "snake."  Of course it was just a worm but I am afraid that someone will soon find a snake around here and pick it up!
  • Today was the boys last day of school.  They each took a jar of strawberry jelly to their teachers and Graham was even the snack helper.  It was a big day for Graham because they also celebrated his birthday today since his birthday comes in the summer.  In Anderson's class it was hat day so they even had a hat parade.  (Which Anderson told me he wished I would have been there-dagger through my heart-but in my defense I knew nothing about a parade.  I only knew about bringing a hat).  Anyway, topping off their big day was popsicles on the playground and then going to get slushies on the way home.  (We were continuing to celebrate Graham's birthday a few months early).
  • Reagan, Campbell and Keaton spent the morning with Grannymom and Grandpa.  They had a big day and even went to Rock Creek.  Grannymom said that Keaton loved playing there.  She bounced, clapped and even wanted to stand up.  She so wants to do just what the others are doing.  And she is getting so close to crawling-I can leave nothing anywhere near her or she will eventually get to it.
  • On our way home this afternoon, I told the kids that we would miss 3 Sundays and they all shouted "yeah."  Not the response I was looking for!
  • We had a few minutes at home this afternoon and then we loaded up for the final soccer game of the season.  And of course my champs were undefeated today.  I don't think that Reagan or Anderson scored a goal today but they sure knew exactly what the score was.  Graham is on the sidelines keeping up with it too.
  • Robby just told me that one of our team members fell down tonight and Anderson thought he was pushed down. Robby said that Anderson rared up to defend his teammate.  Times like that it is good that his Dad is on the field since Robby quickly averted that crisis.
  • After the game, Robby and the kids picked up supper and I headed to Bunko.  Robby bathed the kids and put them to bed and then went out to feed the dog.  And then he discovered that the neighbor kids had emptied his 30 pound bag of dogfood.  He was not happy about that at all-not happy.  Maybe I don't need my BB gun for the dogs but for the neighbors (kidding-kind of).

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