May 1, 2012

No, I'm not tired!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Robby took the boys to school this morning and I dropped off the girls.  My Keaton was just a happy girl this morning despite having a new top tooth.  We have been fortunate that our kids have really never had any problems getting their teeth.  I guess we are just fortunate that we have generally happy kids.
  • Anderson said the highlight of his school day was playing outside and Grahams was when he trimmed his grass that he grew in class.  Reagan said they had a very busy day at Nonna's house though I don't now remember a single thing she said they did except read a new book from Jason.
  • We all had lunch with Pops and Nonna and then the kids went outside to play.  They rode bikes for awhile until they discovered Robby's rope in the back of Pops' truck.  That was all they needed-the pulled, tied, tugged and just had a grand time.  Seriously, for Christmas they are getting ropes.  Graham tried to tie up my car, a bike and then worked on tying up a few trees.  Reagan and Anderson also played with the rope-Reagan tired it around her waist and then followed behind Anderson who was on the bike.  I had assumed that she was the dog being led by him but she told me that he was the dog on a bike.  Um, okay.
  • Back at home, Grannymom and Grandpa were there.  They hung around for a bit after working most of the morning at the house.  Then the kids played outside for a bit and then watched a movie while I put Campbell down for a nap. Then I tried to put Keaton down too but we were going to do school in the school room, my room was full of dust, the office area was too near the banging, the boys were going to the toy room, so she finally ended up in the upstairs bedroom closet.  
  • My bedroom you ask?  The sheet rock folks did some sanding on the new sheet rock in my bedroom.  We should have planned ahead and covered everything but instead a thin or actually heavy layer of dust covers everything in there.  The plan was to vacuum and wash everything this evening but we have run out of time so we are just going to crash somewhere else.  
  • After we did school, the kids played and I handed out snacks as Robby and I tried to sneak outside.  We had a few things to move (understatement) before the concrete man comes in the morning.  Within five minutes, the kids were all putting on their shoes coming out to find us.  They helped us briefly and then I had them go and play.  Eventually, Reagan came back to help and she was quite the trooper and helped for a good hour moving stuff with us.
  • Finally, we had nearly finished and I ushered everyone in and showered the big 3 upstairs, clothed Campbell after her downstairs shower, changed Keaton, had a shower and then we were off.  It was like a vacation us leaving in the middle of the night (8).  Anderson even started talking about last year when we drove to Disney and everyone was sleeping in the middle of the night and we stopped to get ice cream but he woke up and we had to share with him.  Anyway, Sonic shakes were half off and we deserved a treat (and supper).
  • We had our snack and then headed home.  We tucked the kids in bed and never heard a peep from them!

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