May 8, 2012

Graham's class heads to the ZOO!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • Last night Campbell had mentioned "go with Daddy" when we were discussing who would go where this morning.  And this morning she was just as adamant about it.  Except this morning she figured our where Robby was going. "Me go zoo" is what she continued to say until Robby gave her the okay that she could go with him and Graham.
  • Robby took Anderson to school and then headed to the zoo with Graham's class.  The 3 year old class had to hold on to the rope today which kind of seemed silly since all of their parents were there too.  Anyway, the kids didn't seem to mind.  There were a few drops of rain so somehow their zoo trip got hurried along.  But Robby made sure that he stopped to feed the fish on their way out of the zoo.  Graham said that this was his favorite thing and Campbell said that the monkeys were her favorite animal.
  • Reagan and Keaton went to Nonna's house and Reagan went with a mission in mind.  She took all of her money and was planning on going shopping with Nonna to buy my Mother's Day present.  Pops was working today and since they didn't have a car seat for Keaton, Reagan couldn't go out shopping.  So after we all had lunch and I picked up Keaton, Nonna and Reagan were finally able to run Reagan's errand.  Nonna said that they went to two stores and then had to return to the first stop.  She finally found what she wanted and Nonna brought her back to our house.
  • Meanwhile, back at home Anderson was telling me that Ms. Stacy had said that they were going to get to go down the biggest slide ever their last day of school.  I reminded him that we wouldn't be there on the last day and that poor little guy cried and cried.  It was pitiful.  I told him that I would ask Ms. Stacy and maybe we could go or do whatever was planned another day.  He seemed to be a bit happier after I said this so then we started talking about all of the big slides we had been to in our travels and this really calmed him down.  
  • Pretty soon after all of this the trim man arrived, we had to put on our bathing suits, had to put Belle up and it was time to go.  We hurried around and as we were backing out, I remembered Reagan's card that she made Kennedy so she had to go back in for it.  Then in the driveway (yard) we saw one of the turtles that the boys had seen earlier in the day so we stopped to see it.  And as we started to drive off the turtle stopped to walk so the kids made me stop again since they had never seen a turtle walk (or at least that is what they said).
  • Kennedy had a swim party and the kids had a blast.  Reagan was so proud of Kennedy's gift and card but has now reminded me that I have to pay her back for it since I didn't have any cash and had to borrow some from her. Graham was a hungry little guy and devoured his hot dog-swimming makes him hungry.  It was so chilly tonight that Reagan shivered most of the evening and Campbell's lips turned nearly purple but they all said that swimming at Kennedy's was there favorite thing they did all day long.

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