May 7, 2012

I Love You!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Graham was the first one up this morning-shouting his ABCs.  Got to love that child!  Robby was the first one up there and I joined them soon after.  Graham, Robby and Campbell were all laying in the floor. In the mornings, Campbell will just lay so quietly and still with you in the floor.  Graham tries, but there is nothing quiet or still about him.
  • Reagan could not understand that she wasn't going to a grandma's house today since that is usually what happens when Anderson goes to school or she goes to Comm Central.  I think she finally understood but next Monday she will be just as confused again.  
  • Robby took Anderson to school this morning and the rest of us did a little bit of school here.  Then I worked around the house and might add that balloons are of the devil.  Seriously, we were left with 3 balloons from Grandpa's party and I am ready for them to go away, go far far away.  If the kids aren't fighting over them then they have floated where someone can't reach them and they are hanging from the bunk beds trying to grab them or I am having to stand on a stool to reach them.  We are celebrating my grandpa's birthday on Saturday and they might just still be floating otherwise, I would have already trash bagged them.
  • The cabinet man came today and let me tell you, my shoe rack, lockers and benches are just going to be awesome.  I am so excited and might even go out to buy more shoes right now.  Again though I was a bit afraid that this worker would try to call Scan on me.  I have had that feeling with quite a few workers but today was particularly bad.  Reagan, Graham, Campbell and I were all playing a game.  Every time Campbell would roll the dice and then refuse to give it to the next player.  Every time I would have to take it from her and she would let out a blood curdling scream or she would willingly pass it but then she would also scream.  And I mean every time she would scream-almost comical-except someone was right outside the house working.  
  • Anderson came home and we all had lunch and then worked on Montana.  We read about Sitting Bull and colored a grizzly bear which is Montana's state animal.  And during this time, I put my hand on Graham and that poor child was feverish.  He had been laying on the couch when Robby left and then continued to lay there until I called him to the school room.  I never took his temperature but he was quite warm all afternoon long.  Though acted fine-watched a movie, played and took a little nap and remained in a good mood.  I did manage to give him some medicine before leaving for supper and he felt a little less warm tonight.
  • Robby came home and we ate out for supper.  The food was good but the kids were better.  We were pleased at their behavior-probably because there were peppermints at the door and they were told they could get two if they used their manners.  And it worked (for the most part).  Keaton enjoyed supper-I fed her some pasta from my plate.  She gobbled it down even though it was pretty rich and didn't stay down long at all!
  • Back at home, we showed the kids the cabinets and as always Graham was taking it all in.  He showed us where we could put the bath toys.  The kids picked up their toys and then it was bedtime for all!

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