Road Trip 2012-Little Rock to Tulsa (5/18/2012)

Hello Oklahoma!
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After going to bed around 2:30 last night, Robby and I didn't exactly spring out of bed like we had planned this morning.  Though we were up and moving at a decent time and I already had my shower by the time 3/5ths of the Dennie kids were stirring.  Well, I count Keaton as one of the Dennie kids that wasn't yet stirring but that is mainly because she was still in her pack n play and the boys and Campbell were watching a movie beside her.
And I probably should add to the above that Campbell called for me this morning and I said over the monitor that I was coming.  Of course, I really had no intention of going up all of the stairs and was hoping that Robby would hear her.  Soon I heard a thud but thought nothing of it.  And then I heard Anderson and Graham, they were so proud as they were telling Robby that they helped Campbell get out of bed by herself.  "By myself, by myself" Campbell kept saying.  She must have taken quite a fall over the rail because Anderson asked her a few times if she was alright.  I really don't think that she will do it again but I am glad that we will be gone for a few nights so she can forget all about climbing over.
Jodee came over to meet the painter man and Kennedy came in to play for a few minutes.  We were eating breakfast (toast and apples-had to finish a few things off).  After reading them a book, Anderson started talking about out trip to Kennedy.  Finally, Kennedy said "I know, I know, you are going to be gone for 17 days."  Hmm, maybe my kids have been a bit too excited about this little trip!7
The kids were still playing inside from saying goodbye to Kennedy when Nonna drove up.  She had been to Sonic and had everyone slushies to enjoy.  Of course this was a big hit and they were all so pleased.  They all sat on the kitchen floor and drank them up.  Nonna was asking about the trip and Reagan went to get her state notebook and was telling Nonna all about everything that we will see.  They so always surprise me about what they can remember.  
After Nonna left, I sent the kids upstairs to clean the toy room and I worked on the kitchen.  I ended up upstairs with them and we were looking at the maps of all of the states that they have been to.  Reagan will go to 7 new states on this trip, Anderson 8 and Graham, Campbell and Keaton will all get 10 new states.  Reagan and Anderson were reviewing the states that they had not yet been to and Anderson said wistfully "we'll never get to go to Hawaii."  Reagan said that she really wanted to go there.  I assured them that there Daddy was going to do everything he could so they could go.
They then watched a movie while I fixed lunch and before lunch was finished Robby was home and we were starting to load up the last minute things.  Of course things were crazy and everyone wanted to help me load up the ice chest.  Once that chore was finished, I started handing out make sure the upstairs lights are off, you go get Keaton a bib, you push the barstools in, you go and get Campbell some socks.  Graham got that last one-I told him to go and get Campbell's socks.  That little guy came back with 7 pairs of socks in his hands.  He said "Mommy, I got 7 in case she gets one dirty."  Isn't that the most precious thing.  I just smiled because how could I explain to that little helper that I really needed only one pair.  
At 1:21 this afternoon, we were taking pictures of the grass that is growing from the grass seed in the house.  Crossing our fingers that more grass will grow while we are gone.  Though we aren't too hopeful!
At 1:22 this afternoon, we were in the car driving down the driveway heading out on this wild, wild west road trip.  We started talking about and planning for this trip in March 2011 and Robby and I can hardly believe that it is here.  In case you were wondering our odometer read 64124 when we pulled out and I will try to post updates as I remember.
Seven people in a minivan is quite a few and we are pretty packed but not too bad.  Here is a run down of what we have where: 
Roofbag-4 sleeping bags, 4 mats for their sleeping bags, 2 suitcases, 1 pack n play, 2 pillows
Under car storage-4 changes of kid clothes, 2 packs of diapers, a pack of wipes, a roll of paper towels, a towel, a cleaning spray, a generator/car jumper/tire airer up,  some tupperware, bug spray and I am sure a few other things that I just started shoving under there in the last few minutes
Trunk-2 large containers of food, 1 massive ice chest, 1 bag of coats and hats for all, Robby's backpack containing his cord collection, floaties and bathing suits in case we do swim and a container of rice krispy treats
In the car-another container of rice krispy treats, a small ice chest, diaper bag, more diapers and wipes, a bag containing toys and night time toys, my bag with my computer and magazines, a small snack box and a bag full of bribes.  
The kids were very much into the movie on the way and Robby decided that they might like the musical Oklahoma.  Unfortunately he couldn't get it on Netflix but did find another Oklahoma movie with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  And you wouldn't believe it but everyone watched it intently for awhile.  Anderson was the only one who watched the entire thing and even kept up with what was happening for the most part.  When Robby started it I asked if he thought it was clean and he reminded me that it was from the 50s and it should be just fine.  
We passed out the first snacks in Morilton and thought that was pretty good.  We were trying to keep the ice chest zipped for the drinks for the kids so we could go for awhile with out a bathroom stop.  Of course in our van, you have to say you need to go potty two times before you are taken seriously.   Or you have to be holding yourself....
Which bring to mind Graham.  That child has huge whelps of mosquito bites on his little man parts.  I have urged him not to scratch it and he tries not to but he is walking around with his hand on himself.  Hopefully, they will be some better tomorrow-it was like a mosquito just got in his bed and underwear last night.  He is all eat up!!
At 3:30 in Alma, Braums was calling our name and we stopped for a potty and snack break.  As soon as the kids saw that we were going to get ice cream they started begging that they could get their own.  They are growing up because sharing used to be just fine but not now and in their defense everyone gobbled down their ice cream-you would have thought Campbell was 5 the way she ate hers.  
At 6 we made it to Tulsa and got out of the car to see the Tulsa Driller statue.  The kids were happy to run around and even though it was warm in the sun it was pleasant in the shade.  They were all pretty impressed with him.  Reagan does keep calling him Paul Bunyan (I will give her some credit in that we have seen a huge Paul Bunyan statue before).  
After the Driller statue, we tried to type in the address of the bbq place I had found.  Robby had quite the time getting the GPS to like the address and eventually discovered that the restaurant I had on my list to eat at tonight is in Kansas City.  I guess we will have to catch it later!
But Robby did find a BBQ joint called Wilsons.  Their slogan was "You need no teeth to eat our beef, you need to fork to eat our pork and you need 2 bibs to eat our ribs."  And it was that kind of hole in the wall.  No one else was there possible due to the loud music playing in the parking lot.  When I took Graham out of the van, his feet hit the pavement and he immediately started dancing.  He danced and danced in that parking lot-probably just trying to scratch his mosquito bites.
We ordered the family platter-2 pounds of meet, beans, potato salad and bread.  Robby originally thought that we would have extra and could put it in the ice chest but Reagan and Anderson discovered that they liked BBQ so they helped devour the thing too.  We were eating in the back room where they had larger tables and on the walls were stuffed animals-a few deer, a tiger and the back side of a deer.  Yep, I have never seen one of those stuffed.
After dinner, we drove down their river walk area and the kids were pretty impressed that it was the same Arkansas river that was at home.  Anderson said "man, that river is long."  We then went by the praying hands at Oral Roberts and again got out for a few minutes.
And before too long we were at our hotel-a holiday inn express and Robby had our first floor room.  Love those first floor rooms.  Robby and I unpacked the roof bag and loaded the car.  Then the kids and us went into the room and within 10 minutes there were 20 little pet shop and 50 matchbox cars spread out all over the room.  Then they discovered the paper that I had brought and everyone spend some time coloring while Robby and I worked-pjs unpacked, tomorrows clothes unpacked, toothbrushes unpacked, pack n play up, small ice chest unloaded, cart returned, shoes in a pile, suitcases open, more bottles prepared, pajamas on, air mats out, sleeping bags and night time toys out as well.  By then the kids were tired of coloring and playing and everyone was ready for bed.  I think they all had a great time today-we sure did!

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