May 15, 2012

Geyser Homework!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • Yesterday, Graham was sitting in the living room and someone was outside on the front porch (I don't even remember which kid it was).  Graham got up and went outside.  I thought he was going out to play but he just stood himself on the edge of the porch and peed away.  Seriously, the bathroom was just as close to him as where he went!
  • This was the boys next to last day at school and I had to find out where the "biggest slide in the world" was located.  Ms. Stacy had told Anderson's class about it and he cried and cried when I told him we would be gone.  I asked and she barely remembered mentioning it (isn't it funny what they pick up on?)  If you were wondering the biggest slide in the world is located at Mills Park.  Anderson was so relieved when I told him that we would go there sometime soon.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Keaton spent the morning at Nonna's house and they stayed busy playing and even walked over to Beebee's house to help Pops look for something.  When I made it with the boys, we had lunch and then they headed outside to play for a few minutes before going home.
  • At home, we did a bit of school (actually, we worked on our state stuff-we are on Wisconsin now, everyone did a workbook page, sang one timeline song, read a few books, did a bit of skip counting, Reagan finished her handwriting book, quickly worked on Anderson trying his shoe and worked on his reading book as well)  I heard Reagan tell Anderson "we didn't even do school today."-made me laugh since it is technically our summer break but we still did some school.  And the shoe tying with Anderson is going no where!  Ha!  We did just start so all we are working on is getting it started-might just take all summer.  
  • Packing update-I did most of the kids clothes and quite a bit of the car stuff.  My original 3 page list is not down to one and a half pages.  So that is good.  We also test packed the car and roof bag and all is well-not room for Graham though so he will be staying home (kidding).
  • When Robby made it home, we kicked the kids out and made supper.  We all had supper at the picnic table and the kids played happily most of the evening long (it helped that the neighbor kids were over playing too).  Eventually, we ran all of the others off and had ourselves a little Dennie family science experiment.
  • Robby was telling the kids about the geyser and when he mentioned Old Faithful they were so excited because they remembered talking about it.  We did the coke/mentos geyser.  The kids were so shocked-their eyes were so big when that coke bottle exploded.  They so badly want to do it again to show everyone-so lookout a coke/mentos geyser will soon be coming to a house near you.
  • We finally brought everyone in and showered them-if showering 4 kids was an Olympic sport we might just win a medal.  And speaking of winning a medal-field day is tomorrow.  And my kids are all so excited about it.  I overheard them debating if one of the kids coming tomorrow (Lilly, 1) would be big enough to play.  Reagan said she wasn't, Anderson said she could be on another team, Graham said she could walk and Campbell shouted "yeah, she can walk Rearea."

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