May 10, 2012

Chillin' at the soccer game!
Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures) 
  • Robby woke up to the sounds of a bulldozer in the front yard and during breakfast we saw a roller-seriously, a real live roller in our front yard.  6 noses were pressed to the window (that would be the 4 big kids, Robby and me).  We were so shocked that we didn't even think to pull out the camera.  We had a load or two of gravel poured yesterday on the driveway and we thought that they were finished.  But no, they flattened it and seriously, a roller really flattens things.
  • And I mentioned the camera-our flash hasn't been popping up correctly so I tried to take it to Bedfords today.  Of course they send things away so that wasn't an option for the upcoming trip.  But I tried something I looked up on the internet tonight (a q-tip dipped in alcohol) and it worked perfectly.  
  • The boys went to school today and then they stayed for lunch box kids at school this afternoon.  The boys always want to stay so for the last two Thursdays of their school year, we have signed them up.   Graham helped me pack his lunch last night so it was filled up with nothing healthy...except a few green beans.  And it was a good thing I didn't pack my good silverware in there because no containers or forks that I sent came home.  It was all disposable stuff but maybe I better go over things with them before next week!  Anyway, they had a blast-Graham went outside 2 times today and Anderson got another turn on the computer!
  • Reagan spent the day at Kennedy's house but first they played a bit over here.  Reagan said that they played spy but never told me anything else they played.  Currently, she is too obsessed on when Mother's Day is to think of anything else.  That is all she wants to talk about is how many days til Mother's Day.
  • Campbell and Keaton spent the day at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  Grandpa said that the girls were perfect today.  They spent lots of time outside and Keaton sits happily in the empty baby pool playing with her toys.  Campbell and Grannymom worked on pottying today-actually, Grannymom did most of the work and Campbell did nothing.  Grannymom even promised Campbell a whole box of cookies to which Campbell never earned.  Now when we did get in van, Campbell remembered those cookies and was not pleased that she did not have them in her lap....maybe next time.
  • We had a pretty low key afternoon and soon it was time to dress for soccer.  They have two Thursday night games and this was the first.  We played the first little team that we played and they had improved greatly....thankfully, so had we.  One of our team members was on fire and scored 6 of our 9 goals to their 2 goals.  Reagan and Anderson both scored a goal today as well-so we bought them supper.  
  • Reagan is a little coach on the soccer game-telling Anderson where to go, telling them to watch the ball.  And Anderson is quite the encourager-always telling people good job.  We had supper out and then brought everyone home to get in bed!

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