May 2, 2012

A visit to see Beebee & Papaw!
Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
  • Robby and I camped in the living room last night because of our dusty bedroom and I was a bit worried that Graham wouldn't be able to find us if he came to our room in the middle of the night.  Thankfully everyone slept well (including us though we are not as young as we used to be and the floor is not as comfortable as it used to be either).
  • Before 7 the concrete man was at the house and Robby brought his shoes inside to put them on.  I was still laying in the floor and heard him squeal-there was a green slimy frog in his shoe.  Grandpa arrived soon after and the kids had their clothes on and were outside within minutes of waking up. 
  • They had breakfast sitting on a blanket watching cement trucks pour some a parking area outside of the garage and a sidewalk.  The boys watched the trucks for a little bit and then they were off to the dirt pile-I was surprised at how quickly they lost interest in those trucks.  After playing for a while it was time to write our initials in the concrete-Campbell did her C and then came back with a stick to add some designs.  Keaton opted just to do her footprint and then I thought that I should have done footprints for everyone-that would have been cute.  
  • Notice the picture of Keaton-she had fallen asleep in the school room after playing with toys.  Poor thing, fell asleep under a desk.
  • We came in and did school pretty quickly and then lunch. During school, Reagan finished making her quilt that she received for Christmas.  That girls was so proud of it (and since I did much of it-I am also proud) At lunch Robby popped in for a minute and was surprised to see the gas people-concrete truck #3 knocked down our meter thingy.  Good thing our heat is the only thing on gas now since they still have to come inside the house to do something or another.  
  • Around 1:30 we left for Keaton's doctor's appointment.  She weighs 17 pounds and 13 ounces (65th%), is 25 1/2 inches (18th%) and her head is in the 90th percentile-which is not as high as the other kids but still makes her a big headed Dennie.  Martin asked if I was brushing her teeth and I nodded and said "sure" and Reagan said "really?"  That little girl was going to correct me in front of the doctor-of course the way I had said "sure" and nodded my head Martin knew that I had not been.  We will start that tonight.
  • Keaton had 3 shots and stopped fussing as soon as we picked her up.  Oh, throughout the clinic the 4 big kids have their picture.  Early this summer they asked us to come so they could take the pictures for the clinic and now they are hanging there.  They are absolutely beautiful-maybe I need a few big pictures on my walls here.  I might just steal one from the doctors office.  Think they would notice if I left with 5 kids and a huge canvas?
  • Next we headed to see Beebee and Papaw for a few minutes.  My boys acted pitiful-like if I had my spoon with me...anyway, they couldn't sit, the couldn't keep their hands to themselves, they couldn't do anything right-acted just like 3 and 5 year olds!!  They didn't get a juice box when we got back in the car and tonight as soon as we walked in the door they were sent to bed.  
  • Next we picked up supper and ate it in the car at church.  Then walked around church for a bit-went to the library, played foosball and saved our seats for the Awana celebration.  It was in the sanctuary and the kids all played games-the boys were so excited they could hardly stand it.  Reagan was too-she is one child I can never take to the horse races, she would die of excitement!
  • I snuck out a few minutes early to go and get the girls so we could eat our ice cream and then leave.  The kids played on the playground for a few minutes after they finished and then we headed home.  Kennedy came by a few minutes to pick up her brother, Austin, and then we went in to tuck in the kids.  Poor Campbell fell asleep in the car and after we woke her up to get her in, all she wanted to do was to go back to bed!

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