May 3, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for today's pictures) 
Spending some time in the dentist chair!
  • So at 1 this morning, Graham wet the bed and when I climbed back into bed Robby stirred.  I told him "Graham wet the bed" but he just had a confused look on his face and raised up a bit.  He continued to stare at me and then said "huh? you?"  Apparently, he didn't hear me say "Graham" and was afraid I was the one who had wet the bed.  As Robby went back to sleep, I laid in the bed and giggled about all of that....I laughed about that until I decided that I might better go to the bathroom just in case!
  • Robby woke up this morning at 7:30 and since we really needed to leave around 8, we had to move pretty quickly.  Of course, that meant that I had to wake up all of the kids who were sleeping ever so soundly.  We did leave almost on time and after I had driven for a few minutes, I remembered that I had my diaper bags but I didn't have Keaton's milk so I had to turn around to fetch it.
  • I usually don't share my work stories though I have quite a few (3rd graders who don't know how to roll a dice for a board game, 1st graders who can't identify letters, and it just goes on and on).  I work at the old Geyer Springs road location of church.  And today I was walking across the preschool porch to walk up the steps to get my next speech kid.  I opened the door to the stairwell and the lights were off.  I tried to turn them on but they didn't turn on and I vividly remember when I was a little girl at church.  There was a clown in that same stairwell and my Dad and I were walking up.  That clown turned off the lights on us and I got very, very upset.  Still bothered me a little bit today when I the lights were out.  I turned around and found another way upstairs.
  • As I was at work, Ms. Wendelyn called me.  Of course my immediate concern was that Graham had gotten in trouble or was sick.  He was fine but had bumped his head pretty good on the playground.  She said that he never cries but was pretty upset.  Anderson said that he saw him do it and even said that he gave him a hug afterwards.  
  • After picking up the boys, we drove to Grannymom's house and Reagan hopped in the van as we were heading to the dentist.  Poor Campbell really wanted to go with us.  As we drove off, she was flailing and flopping on the ground.  Though by the time we made the circle and drove past, I saw that she was at least standing up and letting Grannymom wave her arm to tell us bye.  I was afraid that she would want to leave with me when I dropped off Reagan, Anderson and Graham after the dentist.  But when I told her she could stay at Grannymom's house or come home to take a nap she opted for Grannymom's house.  (And I was really not afraid she would go home with me but I was planning on getting a few things done around the house quickly this afternoon-I don't have many hours without the kids.  And when I think that because we plan to homeschool for awhile, I will never have many hours without the kids, it makes me a little panicky!  Ha!  Nah, not really-I like my kids....most of the time)
  • On the way to the dentist, Graham wanted to count.  So I started counting with him and we counted to 100.  Graham shouted to Reagan that that was the first time he had counted to 100.  He was so proud.  And a few minutes later, Graham said to me "Thank you for counting with me."-just melts my heart.
  • At the dentist, my kids were perfect.  They sat, they spoke, they cooperated-no cavities.  Reagan got sealants on her molars and everyone got a flouride treatments (my insurance doesn't cover this twice a year but since my and Robby's teeth aren't the best we feel it is worth while).  Anderson saw his xrays and I showed him his permanent teeth coming in behind his baby teeth.  He smiled and said "Daddy is going to be soooo proud of me."
  • Back at home, I was heading in to make cupcakes and saw Robby standing in the back of a truck, on a ladder, swinging a sledge hammer and I just walked on past like I didn't see a thing.  I never would have let that go on at Gamble!  Ha!  I walked on in to work on my cupcakes.  One batch was carrot cake and it called for 2 cups of shredded carrots and since I had never shredded carrots nor bought fresh carrots (don't judge) I had not a clue of how many to buy.  I figured that if I did double the recipe and need 4 cups of carrots I should buy the biggest bag they had....not true.  I used a tiny portion of my bag so I guess I will be making Keaton some baby food in the next few days.  Oh I guess that I could feed the other kids some carrots too!  Or just make lots and lots of carrot cake!
  • Grannymom brought the kids back over and the first thing they saw was the basketball goal that Robby and Grandpa had spent most of the morning working on.  (The reason Robby was sledge hammering on that ladder in the back of the truck).  They were so excited and could have stayed out side playing forever. But it was time for soccer practice.
  • We loaded back up and headed to practice.  They had fun and Reagan said that she liked soccer practice best because they could play games during practice.  It looks like her whole team really has fun and but they can not play in the dirt because coach does not like that at all.  After practice we picked up supper and let the kids play outside while we tried to clean up the addition.  I swept and Robby mopped but it is still so dusty-what are we going to do?  If you are coming to my house on Saturday, come early and bring your broom and mop!

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