All 50 Road Trip-May 21, 2018, Day 10

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Sea Day

We all slept very well last night. Robby has always said that he wanted an interior room in our house that he could sleep in. He had to wake the early rising boys up at 7:30 to get ready to join Pops at breakfast at 8. We were supposed to meet Robby and Whitman for breakfast, but he called saying that they might sleep in a bit longer.

The girls and I went to the buffet and had our breakfast. They did indeed have eggs benedict and it was just as good as I remember. Anderson, Graham, Nonna and Pops showed up. They had eaten a good breakfast, and then went exploring around the ship for a bit.

We then all met up at the rock wall at 10. Campbell opted to go to the kids club instead of the rock wall, Everyone else climbed-well, Whitman put on the shoes, but they were too big so he couldn't do it. He didn't seem too bothered by that fact and happily watched everyone else.

Anderson almost made it to the top. Graham did the hard side and did pretty well. Keaton struggled up the wall and only made it a bit. The poor man harnessed to her really worked hard trying to help her up. Reagan made it to the top and happily rang the bell.

The next activity was the buffet. Even though we had already been there, everyone went back for a bit. We just grabbed a snack and then waiting until they changed things over to lunch. We did run to Nonna and Pops' room to see if they were there.

Robby picked up Campbell from kid's club while the rest of us ate lunch. I think our ice cream count from this day alone is over 15! Everyone is enjoying the ice cream. After lunch, everyone but Whitman and Reagan went swimming.

Reagan is fairly bright and knew it was cold in that pool, and we really didn't give Whitman a choice. Reagan, Whitman and I played elevator roulette. Whitman won the game! He was so happy that he guessed the correct elevator to open first. He was the first player to guess correctly 3 times so he was the big winner. The boy jumped around like he had won a prize.

Whitman and I then played with some of the circus toys at one place. Then I met the girls back in the room after swimming. Everyone changed into dry, warm clothes, then we met back up in the lobby. They had a paper airplane challenge. Graham won his heat so he was a happy boy. Then there was a trivia challenge that we did decent on. It did help that Robby has wifi so Reagan was able to look up some answers for us.

Afterwards, Robby and Whitman went upstairs for some ipad time. The rest of us headed upstairs to check on the rock climbing wall again. It was closed, so they all opted for a short visit to kids club. They were playing outside so that looked intriguing to everyone. Except for Reagan who napped in the room for a few minutes.

I picked them up from kids club because the next activity was the one they were looking forward to the most-a soccer tournament. Unfortunately, the weather was misty so they didn't have it. Instead we played giant checkers. Campbell didn't know how to play checkers so I guess she will have to start playing that during school time instead of chess.

I was secretly glad that the soccer thing was cancelled, because that gave us time to get ready for supper. The boys all had showers but in my room, we only got around to one shower-Campbells. We then met everyone at supper in the other main dining room.

We were really not too pleased with it. The lay out was very disjointed so it didn't feel as nice. Also, it took us 70 minutes to get our entree. Last night wasn't as bad, but you can see why Whitman fell asleep last night. Our drinks were rarely refilled; it just wasn't that great. We will probably avoid that dining room from now on.

We started supper at 5:30, but at 7 Robby took all the kids but Reagan to kid's club. They were happy to skip their desserts to go there. Reagan stayed back and ordered herself 2 desserts. I ordered Robby two desserts as well, and he made it back in time to eat. I had already shoved a fork in my bag and was ready to take them out of the restaurant to him.

We opted to not go to the show tonight. Instead we just came back to Robby's room. I typed on the blog and studied tomorrow's list of today's activities. I think that I would be a very good candidate to live on a cruise ship.

This ship is really rocky tonight. Well, it has been most of the day too. At the top of all of the steps, there are barf bags ready to go for you. So far all of my people haven't been bothered by it, and hopefully, we won't be bothered by it. Robby has a patch. I do have some medicine that I will probably give everyone before bed. It is just an oil or something like that.

Internet is limited to Robby's computer so I'll close the blog for the day. I can tell you what all we more than likely happen next. In about an hour, I am going to pick up the kids from kids' club. Then they will want to have a snack and look at the pool sloshing about before bed!

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