May 10, 2018

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  • Before 8 this morning, Robby and I were up working in the kitchen on making our trip rice krispy treats. We have brought rice krispy treats on many of our trips and have even made them once in a hotel, which was fairly challenging.
  • I started my work around the house this morning and then moved on to loading up the car. You would think that we are leaving on our trip tomorrow. It is a nice feeling to be at least a day ahead of usual on our packing except that I will just continue to add things whether we need them or not!
  • Kennedy came over this morning so I didn't make the kids do as many chores as I had planned. I did clean the bathrooms and was pretty pleased with myself, until I opened the shower door this afternoon to take a shower-I completely forgot to clean it. Oh, well, there is always tomorrow. 
  • The kids and I did do some reading and worked on a book from one of the National Parks that we will see. At lunch, I even read some more to them and then let them fix their own lunches.
  • This afternoon the kids bounced from inside to outside. Late in the afternoon, the neighbors came out and were able to play for a while. My kids were pretty happy to see them since they haven't been around in a good while.
  • As soon as they had to go home, it was time for my crew to load up. The littles headed to soccer for their last night of practice. Keaton and Whitman's coach didn't arrive until the last 15 minutes so Robby let their practice and devotion.
  • The ended their night with slushes and pizza. The rest of us went to Refresh at church. This was the last night of Refresh. The kids had fun-well, the boys did because they had some buddies there. Reagan, however, didn't have much fun since none of her buddies or any girls near her age were there. I reminded her that this was her last time to go since she will be too old next year.
  • When we all made it home, everyone had showers and then I passed out a snack before bedtime. Last night Whitman started the evening in his bed, but by the time I went upstairs to tell them to be quiet, he was in Graham's bed. Now when he woke up this morning, he was in Anderson's bed. I am not sure how that little boy gets in sleep while moving from bed to bed during the middle of the night. 

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