May 4, 2018

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  • We were all sitting in the my bedroom this morning after breakfast when I received a text. I was reading history trying to finish the last few things of our school year, but I did glance down to see who was texting. It was Robby so I quickly read it. The first one said "skunk outside" and "bring bb gun." 
  • I whispered to the kids that we were quietly going to go outside. I wasn't sure where Robby and mainly the skunk were so I was a bit unsure when I opened the door to the garage.
  • Reagan tried to convince Whitman to come with us outside, but he wasn't too sure about it. She then offered to go and look out the bonus room window with him. He asked, "is that our safe place?" Indeed it was, and Reagan, Keaton and Whitman watched from above.
  • Robby was standing on the driveway by the basketball goal, and the skunk was just past our kickball home plate, maybe 50 feet away. I handed him the bb gun, and his first shot must have been pretty close since the skunk's tail shot straight up in the air.
  • About this time, I was mentally counting the cans of tomato juice that I had in the pantry. Thankfully, after that the gun ran out of bullets. Robby did take a few steps further and tossed a rock towards the skunk which caused it to run into the woods. We did some reading and did find that often in the spring skunks will venture out during the day trying to find food for their babies. Our first thoughts were that something was wrong with the skunk and that was the reason he was so nearby.
  • It did take a bit to calm everyone down after that excitement, but we then ventured back inside to do some work about Klondike Gold Rush NHP. Then this was the last official day of school. Though we are still having 2 half days of school next week plus we will still probably do all of our work together every day next week. I will not feel like our school is complete until we have gotten my library book count down to 0. It is at 24 checked out right now, with at least 10 in my basket to return yet I still have at least one more waiting to be picked up to read before the trip. The library is definitely one thing that we sure couldn't homeschool without.
  • Last night when we went to bed, Robby told everyone that today was a big day for Anderson. He was pretty confused about what Robby meant until he explained that tomorrow would be May 4th (May the Force be with you.) So last night, I googled a few things but couldn't really find anything for us to do today to make it special. I did replace one of Anderson's school things with Star Wars crossword puzzle, but that was it.
  • Around 3, Anderson came to me asking if he could make a Star Wars snack. Well, he never really cares about being in the kitchen, or if he is in the kitchen his sisters quickly squeeze him out. I told him that he could but reminded him that we have very few items in this house.
  • He did find Chewbacca cupcakes to make, so I told him to go for it. Now, he needs a bit more direction in the kitchen, but he did it all despite his sisters protests and complaints. I had to shoo them out of the kitchen a few times. 
  • We played another game while they were baking, and then Anderson set off to decorate them. I think they turned out pretty cute. It was after 5 when we finally had one of those cupcakes. They were just as good as they were cute. 
  • Anderson's Star Wars Day was completed when we walked into the McGuire's house, and they had Star Wars on tv. Anderson only got off the couch to eat his food, but other than that, he was watching Star Wars the entire time.
  • The kids were great tonight and we were able to visit. We made it home with two extra girls so a movie was called for before bed. Whitman did take a shower since he played in the mud today with his brothers. Anderson and Graham didn't get too messy but there brother was a bit messier. I did just change his clothes when he walked in the door and washed his hands, but tonight he definitely needed a shower. 
  • The boys, Laynie, Campbell and Keaton watched Paddington 2 while Camryn and Reagan hung out in the bonus room. They just turned in Netflix up there but as soon as the movie downstairs goes off, this crew will all go to bed! Tomorrow is a big day!

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