May 9, 2018

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  • Since Keaton had slept over at Nonna's house, I had decided that we wouldn't do our together work this morning and would put it off for later in the afternoon. So that meant that we were able to sleep a bit longer! I slept until almost 9 and Reagan slept until nearly 10, though she and Campbell did straighten their room at some point in the middle of the night. It was a bit trashed from them packing yesterday.
  • At 10, everyone met in the kitchen, and I explained the next few hours-chores! We started downstairs on the school room which now looked better than it has in weeks or even months. Then we gathered the trash around the house. Next we went upstairs to work on their bedrooms and closets. When that was finished, we cleaned the bathroom upstairs and even did some work downstairs.
  • It just took a bit longer than an hour so everyone was happy that our chores took less than the two hours I had warned everyone about. I did just let Whitman lay on the couch. I know that is bad, but we did finish quicker that way. He has a pretty good little cough right now, so I am mentally preparing myself to take him to the doctor on Friday though hopefully not.
  • I let everyone grab their own lunch, and they were munching when Keaton came home from her overnight. I was able to do some packing this afternoon, and before I knew it, it was already time to leave.
  • We left around 3 for our weekly visit to Dairy Queen. This was the first time that they had messed up our order. I was able to switch mine out with Graham's who they had mistakenly given a strawberry cheesecake blizzard to. The top part of it was good but the bottom, strawberry part I just threw away.
  • Next up was a trip through Hobby Lobby. Reagan was looking for a birthday gift tonight, and thankfully, it did not take her too long to find it. If I were shopping with my mother and 5 brothers and sisters, I would do some speed shopping too. That is actually all that I seem to do these days-speed shopping.
  • After we found her present, it was Dollar Tree time to pick up a few trip items. Then we ran, literally, into Walmart to find Reagan a pair of shorts. She has lost her pair somehow-lost them at this house! 
  • From there was hustled to the library to pick up a few books on tape for the trip. I now have 2 books checked out and 5 books on tape. My grand total is 7! I am sure that there is probably more room on the shelves at the libraries right now. 
  • Next up was church. Reagan had to arrive early for practice, and Graham came early to do his shopping. He managed to earn 219 bucks which bought him a Bop It game, a toy car and candy for Whitman, candy for Keaton and 4 pieces of candy for himself. He was very generous with his purchases tonight.
  • Tonight was the last Wednesday night. The kids all performed-Keaton and Whitman's group sang a few songs and said some Bible verses, Graham and Campbell's group sang a song and recited some Bible verses, Anderson's Wednesday night group didn't do anything, but Reagan's group sang a song.
  • After all of the awards, it was finally time for ice cream outside. The kids headed straight to the playground and stayed there until after 8 when I finally called them to go. Once at home, Robby already had supper ready for us. They ate and then it wasn't long before it was bedtime. 

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