May 8, 2018

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  • This was Whitman's last day of school, and he seemed pretty happy about. This is teacher appreciation week so I helped with breakfast at Whitman's school. I dropped off my items, took Whitman's picture with Ms. Stacy and helped him give her his present. 
  • I then hurried home so we could get started on our work for the day. Keaton and Reagan were still asleep, but I soon woke them up so we could begin on our history book (only one more day of history). 
  • We all read and then started to work on chores and packing. Reagan and I packed her clothes. Thankfully, it was incredibly easy to pack Reagan up. Next we all ate lunch, and I had just a few minutes to pack Campbell.
  • Things were going smoothly until Robby called me. During lunch, he had been mowing and his mower belt came off. Without that belt, it is one heavy booger! It took Campbell, Anderson, Robby and me to pull it up from the bottom of the yard. Robby and I were breathing like we had just ran a marathon each time we had stopped, while the kids just stood there and stared at us like we were crazy. We are out of shape, or they weren't doing any work. He was finally able to get it fixed tonight and finish the yard.
  • I was a dusty mess from the mower pushing when it was time for me to take Keaton to the dentist. She had a filling and a crown! That little trooper was absolutely perfect. Later she told me that the dentist didn't even give her any shots. (He did! I watched!) I spent the entire time trying to find where I could buy her a mint shake as her reward.
  • We were able to get one from Shakes. It was pretty good but even Keaton said that it was too runny. Bless though, that child's mouth was still numb so she couldn't even drink from the straw. We sat in the car trying to figure out how she could best drink for a good long while! Finally, we were able to figure it out enough for her to get some of the shake in her mouth.
  • Nonna met us and took Keaton to Chuck E Cheese for a few minutes before shopping at JC Penny. It was Keaton's turn to spend the night at Nonna and Pops' house tonight. I ran in to Keaton at Pennys. They had found a shirt on sale, and Keaton was planning where all she could wear it!
  • After a stop at Walmart, I finally made it home. I was in my bedroom and heard Graham calmly say, "there is the skunk again." Yep, it was back out right in the yard out back. Robby and Graham shot at it some with the BB gun. I had bought more BBs the other day, and they came in handy.
  • The skunk might have gotten hit or at least scared. He did walk off pretty quickly, but he must have a next right on the edge of the woods. Soon the neighbors came out, and the kids played until it was dark.
  • There were showers and afterwards everyone had a bit of downtime before it was finally bedtime for them and ice cream time for me.

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