May 6, 2018

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  • I woke up this morning to see that Robby was completely dressed and ready. Not only that, he was cheerful, and nothing makes me a bit madder in the morning than cheerfulness! He had woken up earlier than usual and held time to calm clean his office and watch some tv.
  • I took my shower as the kids started getting themselves ready. We just had 4 doughnuts left over so I am not sure how the kids divided them up but it was probably not too fair. I do know that Whitman only wants a "surprise breakfast" these days. That is fine since he doesn't seem to care what I get him, he only wants for me to get him something and him not have to do it.
  • Church was wonderful this morning, though Whitman was especially wiggly. It had been a few weeks since we were in Sunday school since we had Feed the Need and then I taught for two weeks, so it was nice to be back in our class. The kids were in their classes today but did have to tell their teachers that they wouldn't be there for a few weeks.
  • When church was over, Robby pulled the van up to the front, and we went to town changing clothes for the soccer games. We made up one of our rain outs today after church. Nonna and Pops had lunch for us at the fields, and Grannymom, Grandpa and Jason joined us. 
  • After we ate, it was soon time for Whitman and Keaton's game. Keaton scored twice, and Whitman kicked the ball a few times. I am sure that we all sound ridiculous cheering like Whitman has scored each time that he just touches the ball.
  • Now at one point during the game, Whitman made up a new play-he distracted two kids from the other team. They all stood in a circle trying to determine who the was the tallest. So entertaining.
  • Campbell's team tried their best today, but they also lost. Campbell scored twice today (possibly), but man I love to see that girl hustle. During her game, Graham's team was playing. They also lost today, but they did really well.
  • Anderson's team was next, and his score wasn't favorable either. He did have fun though today. However, he didn't have nearly as much fun as Reagan's team did today. They have really clicked and seemed to enjoy their selves while playing.
  • Reagan scored today which was her first score of the season. It was fun to watch her score, but watching her holler instructions from the bench or coach from the field is even more fun. At one point today, she went to the goal and stood beside it while telling the goalie exactly what to do.
  • After the games were over, we headed home for a few minutes before turning around to go to the Wilson's house for supper. They had spaghetti, and it hit the spot after a long day, two actually, at the soccer fields. 
  • We stayed out longer than we should have since the kids all needed showers when we made it home. They played a vicious game of soccer outside while we were inside visiting. Back at home, everyone showered and then it was finally bedtime for the crew!

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