All 50 Road Trip-May 24, 2018, Day 13

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Glacier Bay NP, AK

I woke up about 15 minutes before the alarm went off. Of course, I had to go to the bathroom so I did that and promptly went back to sleep. When I first looked at the clock, I was hoping that it was middle of the night and not time to wake up. I tell you, this cruising is tough. The kids want to do every single thing, I kind of do too, so we stay incredibly busy. 

Today was Glacier Bay National Park. Robby and I have been on this cruise before but we didn't go into the National Park. So this was new for us. We ate our breakfast in the buffet quickly. Then we went to the front of the ship-inside, not outside. The people outside were wearing parkas! 

There were rangers and all types of information about Glacier Bay including the National Park stamp. They had a light breakfast in there so we ate again. Seriously. We were in there for a while and viewed the glaciers from there. We did venture outside to take a picture very quickly. By that time, it was spitting rain so we didn't stay outside long.

Some of the kids went back to the rooms and some went to kids club right before lunch. We really spent the entire morning looking at the glaciers-even missing trivia! Gasp! We all met back up at lunch. At 1, they had a kids program where the kids could earn their Jr. Ranger badges. My Reagan is getting a bit too old, so she thinks, for this. Twelve is the max age they list though I am sure they would give a badge to a 13 year old if they wanted it. Reagan won't though! 

Everyone did earn their Jr. Ranger badges and a patch which was really nice. Robby had already bought a patch for the tree so these other 6 will just be bonus. Afterwards, we hightailed it down the steps to make it to elevator roulette. Now, if you remember we played earlier in the week. There was just the kids, me and another couple. Today, it was a rowdy crowd. Every time an elevator door opened the crowd would cheer or boo and the people on the elevator would do the same. You can tell that most people on this boat have some kind of alcoholic beverage package. 

Then it was over to play a trivia game, followed by a digital scavenger hunt around the boat. After that, some of us went to play Bingo-real bingo. We quickly lost 50 bucks while others went to play carpet bowling. 

After bingo, the big boys and Campbell went to play a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. I went with Reagan to find her key card. She had laid it down on a table, and thankfully, it was easy to find. The basketball tournament got rained out. So everyone ended up back in their rooms for a few minutes. I used my time wisely by taking a power nap. Though after hitting snooze twice, I had to hurry to get myself and the girls to dinner on time.

We met up with everyone tonight for dinner in one of the main dining rooms. I was underwhelmed with my choices for supper, however, everything I had was very good-cauliflower soup, lasagna and lava cake. Afterwards, all of the kids went to the kids club for a little bit while Robby and I tried to go to the show.

We walked in and it was packed. We stood on the back for a little bit, but after watching one man sing, we quickly decided that we had seen enough. They were cleaning Robby's room so we went to my room. I sat and typed while Robby caught himself a catnap.

Afterwards, we went to pick up the kids. Everyone but Campbell and Whitman were ready to go. Robby took Anderson to grab some ice cream and then to Nonna and Pops' room for the night. Everyone else had their snacks before I picked up Campbell and Whitman. They had a quick snack before we all went back to our rooms.

Tomorrow is Ketchikan. It looks like it is going to be a cold, wet day so I am not sure how much Ketchikanning we will do tomorrow! Reagan has already made her list of activities on the boat tomorrow that she wants to do!

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