May 11, 2018

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  • This was our last day to sleep in for quite a few days. We didn't even make it until 8! There were dishes and laundry and all too soon there was hair to be cut on the back porch. When hair is cut, that means showers for lots of men folk.
  • Once the showers were over, I used that opportunity to clean the shower. I didn't do a great job, but did at least make it cleaner than it was, which seems to be my new cleaning motto. 
  • I read to the kids around 10 for a bit finishing one last library book. Then it was chore time. My boys just get along so much better than my girls. Now the boys will act like they are going to kill each other sometimes, but they are quickly over it. The girls are so short and rude to each other, and when one of them starts being ugly the others follow. It kind of makes me crazy and soon I am having to be ugly with them too!
  • One the house was picked up and the van was loaded (I could have left today), we all loaded up for a test drive. It was nice to be in the car for a bit before the trip to make sure that things are just where they need to be. 
  • We picked up 2 flats of strawberries from a tent sale along with bbq and hot dogs for lunch. We ate in the car as we drove to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. And yes, if you are counting, we have indeed been there twice this week. 
  • There was also a stop at Walmart in there-we bought a pair of shorts. This time for Campbell. I felt like she needed just one more pair. She was happy with the ones she picked out and soon we were running around buying a few last minute items for the car-crackers and pipe cleaners. Yep, doesn't everyone take pipe cleaners on their road trips?
  • Back at home, Nonna came over to help us with the strawberries. My Graham, Campbell and Keaton started cutting the strawberries, and Campbell and Keaton worked until the end. We worked pretty fast and soon had quite a few containers of strawberries to freeze. Seeing all of those just made me want waffles for supper since we top our waffles with strawberries.
  • The kitchen was a sticky mess when we finished so I worked on wiping it down. I didn't have too much time because I soon had to leave to drop of Reagan at Camryn's birthday party. Campbell and Keaton drove with us and they talked to me the entire car ride home.
  • When I came home, we were soon loading up again. This time we celebrated Grandpa's birthday. Grannymom had hot dogs and hamburgers for supper along with all of the trimmings. We ate and ate and then topped it all off with some pies. 
  • My kiids always enjoy getting together with Lilly and Cash. They played outside for a good while before they all walked down to see Cash's room. We stayed at Grannymom's house for a bit more since Robby was working on Grandpa's birthday gift. 
  • We then picked up the kids from Dana's house. Then the next stop was back to Walmart to buy headphones for Whitman. Afterwards, we filled up the car at the Kroger gas station and then we finally headed home.
  • Once at home, Robby started to work on the ice chest and loading the car while I made sure the kids were in bed and straightened around here. I did vacuum for a few minutes, but I decided that Anderson is a better vacuumer than me so I probably should just let him shine! 

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