May 1, 2018

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  • I thought Whitman came into our room right before 7 this morning, but Robby disagreed, and the boys confirmed that it was more like 3. He said that he had a bad dream. Campbell and Keaton were downstairs right around 7 and climbed in our bed as well. It was a full house which is lovely for a bit. Then I needed to go to the bathroom, and it takes a while to get all of those legs and arms unwrapped from you.
  • This morning Robby took Whitman to school and then headed to the orthodontist with Reagan. She was there for a while before they were able to pick up Whitman. They changed her rubber bans and tightened everything. I think that Reagan was a bit worried that she was going to miss some of our homeschool day, but she wasn't worried enough to pass up a smoothie.
  • The kids did their chores and Bible study this morning as we waited on our buddies to show up. Everyone started arriving at 10, and around 10:45 we began our reports. Reagan and Whitman showed up soon afterwards. 
  • All of the kids science projects were so neat. It was so interesting to hear everything. Whitman did great as he talked about The Three States of Matter. Keaton's project was on the most common color of M&Ms. Which Chocolate Melts the Fastest was Campbell's project. Graham's project was most interesting to me which was Which Cup Keeps Drinks The Coldest. Are Video Games Good For You was Anderson's project. Reagan was delighted to have a project where she could pass out samples. Her science fair project was about the science of baking.
  • After everyone talked about their projects, we sent the kids outside to eat their lunches and then play for a bit. Then we brought everyone back in because Amber had about 15 science projects for the kids to rotate through. There were so many neat science projects, and the kids all had a blast doing them.
  • We barely cleaned up before it was time for us all to head to the skating rink. Everyone went skating or sent their kids so we had a full crew. At first, I thought it was going to be really busy at the skating rink, but for some reason by the end it was wonderfully empty. My boys had opted not to go-for some reason they just don't love skating, probably because they aren't the strongest of skaters.
  • Now, today's skaters did really well. Whitman zoomed around the rink with his skate aid. Keaton didn't use a skate aid today and did really well. Campbell even spent some time ice skating, and Reagan seemed pretty confident out there today.
  • Once at home, I started on supper. We ate and then all headed outside for a basketball game-the boys and me against the girls and Robby. My team won by 4 points. It was more of a football game really than a basketball game. The kids weren't really fouling each other-it was more like tackling each other. 
  • After the vicious game, which surprisingly ended well and with little drama, the kids started on their showers. Robby made some cookies which everyone enjoyed right before it was bedtime.

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