All 50 Road Trip-May 26, 2018, Day 15

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Victoria, Canada

The girls weren’t awake this morning when the alarm went off. Actually, they haven’t been awake any morning when my alarm has gone off. They all had set their alarms on their ipads this morning so alarm after alarm went off time after time again. 

Our first stop this morning was trivia instead of breakfast. Time change was last night so it was an hour earlier than usual. It didn’t seem to matter because not missing trivia was very important to Reagan. She is my trivia girl. In fact, I think that we will probably have to start having trivia at home. 

After trivia, we met everyone at breakfast in the buffet. We all ate our last leisurely breakfast. Campbell and Keaton went to kids’ club this morning because they were practicing for their afternoon circus. 

The rest of us went to paper box folding. It was Reagan, Anderson and me at the origami class. We ended up with one box between the 3 of us. We were paper box class dropouts! Afterwards, we met up with Robby upstairs. He was waiting on a free cruise drawing-guess what? We lost!

We caught up with Graham and all made it to a bean bag toss competition. About this time Reagan started to not feel too well at all. She hung out in the room most of the afternoon. I was near panic because on our last Alaska cruise, I had the Norwalk virus and was sick, sick, sick and missed Victoria while Robby went and enjoyed the city.  

The rest of us had lunch before going down to redeem the kids’ activity cards. I thought that they might at least get t shirt for completing all of the classes and activities that they have gone through. They would have had to have done double the activities to get a t shirt-eek! I don’t know how we could have done anything else. I am exhausted! Everyone did earn a water bottle so that was fun. Whitman opted for a frisbee and light instead of a water bottle. The boys wanted to use theirs right away, but I shoved them in the suitcase to fly home with Nonna and Pops. I hope that suitcase isn’t over 50 pounds!

I had a nap somewhere in the afternoon-possibly two short ones. Keaton and Campbell had to go back to practice. At 4, it was time for the kids’ club circus. Reagan, Anderson, Graham opted not to be in the circus. By this time, Reagan perked up and came down for the circus. I was super glad that she felt better. 

The circus was cute. Keaton was a clown and came on stage a few different times. Campbell was in the devil sticks act. She juggled sticks, and her group had a big finish. The entire group sang a song at the end. It was really neat, but the boys still headed off to play basketball in the middle of the circus!

Then it was time for supper. Reagan was back to her normal eating tonight. So after we ate, we had a bit of downtime which I spent packing up. Then it was time to get off the boat in Victoria. We docked after 6, and then waited a bit before we joined the line to disembark.

From the dock, we were about a mile from downtown. We walked there and took the most beautiful walk to downtown. It was along the water and all of the areas were so nice. There were lots of flowers blooming and you could tell that lots more would bloom. The water area was so pretty.

We eventually made it to their parliament building along with the Empress hotel. Then we walked along the waterfront and toyed with the idea of taking a water taxi. It wouldn’t have gotten us back to the boat and was a pretty hefty price so we hoofed it back.

The walk back was by a different route but was just as pretty. Once back to the boat, we walked along the nearby pier. It was over 8 football fields long. Even though we thought that we could get all of the way there, we gave up and headed back to the boat for ice cream.

We ate our last bowls of ice cream and even had a few other snacks before the kids went to kids’ club for a bit more time. They all really wanted to go so we let them, even though we had planned on going to bed a bit early tonight.

We picked the kids up and headed to our rooms. Graham spent the night in Nonna’s room tonight and I think that we leave the boat tomorrow at 8:30. I think that I will be glad to have a picnic sandwich and check my phone a few times a day. The kids have adored the cruise and Reagan is already planning on Panama in a few years. 

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