May 3, 2018

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  • This morning I saw Whitman's waterbottle beside Anderson who was at the computer in the school room. I asked him if Whitman was awake since I needed to get him ready for school. Anderson replied with, "yes, no, I'm not sure." 
  • I went on up the stairs to the boys room after looking in the living room for him. He wasn't in his bed so I assumed that he was in the bonus room with Graham or at least that is where I hoped that he was. As I was opening Graham's blinds, I looked over and snuggled tightly under Anderson's covers was Whitman. We just have no idea what all goes on upstairs after we tuck them in. 
  • Tonight Graham and Whitman was sleeping in the floor under a fort. Well, I am not really sure how much of a fort it is since it is a sheet barely held above their heads, but they are pleased. Since there are no devices from 1-5 this week, there have been oh so many forts build around here.
  • Whitman went to school this morning, and the rest of us worked on our school work. I was able to do quite a bit of packing before Whitman arrived back him from school. My goal was to get my once 6 page list down to 2 pages today...and I did, but I did have to change the font to make it fit to 2 pages. That possibly was cheating though!
  • At lunch, I read a bit to everyone. Graham and I worked on a puzzle upstairs for a little bit. Then Campbell, Reagan, Keaton and I played Ticket to Ride. Reagan smoked us all but I was pretty pleased with how Keaton and Campbell did. 
  • Reagan then headed to the kitchen to make pretzels. It took her pretty much all afternoon, but it was well worth it because they were delicious. I would even consider them comparable to the ones at the mall. 
  • While I took Reagan's picture making the pretzels and then later, I noticed something. Her smile. She has not been smiling with her teeth showing because she is hiding her braces. Though the past few pictures we have taken, she has smiled showing those pearly whites and mouthful of metal. I am certainly glad and hope that she continues to smile!
  • Just about as soon as soccer practice was cancelled for tonight, it started raining here. Anderson and I were already in the garage working on a project. Graham and Keaton were playing, and moment before Robby had pulled out his mower trying to get a bit mowed before the rain came. He was able to mow for about 12 minutes before having to get back under the shed. 
  • Campbell, Keaton, Graham and Whitman were outside during the rain! They had a blast and were drenched when they did finally come in. They had to strip outside before coming in and then all took showers. 
  • Reagan was hogging the oven at supper time so it took a bit longer for us to make our pizzas. Robby had to make them just one at a time so we ate in shifts. I think that everyone ate more tonight since we would all get one slice, wait awhile, come back to eat another slice, and then repeat!
  • Robby, Graham and Keaton went to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa and even saw Nonna and Pops. They came back telling about their trip and also came back with icees to share with everyone. 
  • Soon it was bedtime for the crew. There was lots of talk about tomorrow in the boys' room tonight-May the Star Wars' May the force be with you.

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