All 50 Road Trip-May 22, 2018, Day 11

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Juneau, AK

Last night when I finished the blog, I just guessed about the rest of the evening. I did go to pick up the kids about 9, as I had told them that I would. I looked in the room, and they were all having so much fun. Anderson was a judge for whatever they were doing. I decided to wait a few more minutes so I went to have a snack and hot chocolate.

The boat was really rocking; however, the buffet was still fairly happening. It was odd that it was light outside yet it was 9:30 at night. I eventually checked again, and things were still going strong in the kid’s area. I walked down to Robby’s room for a bit. Around 10, I did finally pick them up.

They had all had a blast. Anderson and Graham received certificates for something. Whitman had a glow up necklace, which he is still wearing today, and a balloon. We went to the buffet, and they had a snack. Ice cream, pizza, cookies!

The boys went to their room, and the girls settled in in our room. Campbell had her shower, and then Keaton had hers. When Keaton got out, she said her stomach hurt. The boat was rocky enough that early I had put some of my seasick medicine behind the kids ears just in case. I don’t think it was the boat bothering her since the boat had been that rocky all-day long. I just think that it was her sensitive stomach.

She was pitiful. She never really gets too upset when she is sick, but last night she just stood at the potty crying. I stood with her until she felt like sitting down. Then, she sat in my lap, and we watched a rerun game show on tv until it was over. By then she felt some better. However, this was her turn to sleep on the top bunk. I didn’t think that was a great idea so she opted to sleep with me.

I am glad that we gained an hour last night because we needed it. I don’t think either one of us slept well. She was never sick, but she ground her teeth a lot, enough to keep me up! The alarm went off at 7:30 which felt like 8:30 to us. We quickly put on our clothes and met up with everyone at the buffet.

We all ate our breakfast and then headed our separate ways. The boys went to the basketball court while everyone else came with us to a heart origami class. Then I took Campbell to the kids’ club and met the boys there as well. Reagan and Keaton stayed downstairs for a round of trivia before going to the kids’ club themselves.

Robby and I stuck around for another trivia before running to our rooms to get things ready for getting off the boat around 2. The people walking around all morning where ready to get off the boat-they had on parkas, cameras, gloves and binoculars around their necks. Whenever we had walked around the boat, we could tell that it was chilly but not ice cold.

Robby and I then went to grab us a bite of lunch before picking up the kids. We didn't really have much time to do that so I just ate my lunch after I picked them up. They all had fun at the kid's club this morning. After lunch, we went back to our rooms to grab a few things. Then the girls met the boys in their room for a few minutes.

Soon they were announcing that we could leave the boat. We walked to Nonna and Pops' room and then all walked off the boat. I didn't see it, but I think that there was probably a bit of a scuffle getting off of the boat. My big kids were pushing and shoving trying to step on Alaskan soil first and be the first one to complete all 50 states.

Juneau, Alaska was the final stop in Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton's fifty state journeys. Robby had hoped to make it by the time Reagan was 10; he is just a bit late though. He probably didn't account for us having 5 more kids. Whitman will hit his 50th state on the way home, so we did let him in on the 50th state picture in front of the glacier since that picture will probably show up in a Christmas card.

Once off of the boat, we walked right to our rental car man. The van couldn't have worked out more perfectly today. I wish that I could say the same thing about the weather. We drove right to Mendenhall glacier while the sun was shining a little bit. It didn't take long though for it to start raining.

We still walked to the visitor's center for a bit and watched the movie. The kids completed a Jr. Ranger booklet and earned a patch. That was awesome because that patch will become part of my Christmas tree ornament collection. We then walked out to one point to see the glacier. That is actually where it started raining and rain it did! We were pretty wet.

It did stop for a bit, and Robby decided that we should press on. So we took off on a  mile trek to a waterfall and closer view of the glacier. Nonna and Pops stayed back at the visitor's center. They were able to spy on us with the binoculars set up there. It was a haul across the trail. It was so far in fact, that Whitman had to take a pit stop. Thankfully, not too many folks passed as he went to the bathroom on the side of the trail.

It was worth the walk though. Afterwards, we climbed back in the car and dried out some. We drove by the capitol building and the governor's mansion. Robby did stop to buy the kids a coke! No cokes on the cruise so it was a much needed bribe on that long trail.

We then dropped off the car and walked back aboard the ship. From there, we changed clothes and some kids ate dinner in the buffet before heading to kid's club. Whitman came a bit later and had his dinner in the buffet. We then dropped him off and picked up Reagan and Keaton for supper in the nice dining room.

The food was delicious, and the service much better tonight. Pops has found him a waiter that he likes so that probably helps with the service. Afterwards, we dropped Keaton off and picked up Graham. Graham and Reagan accompanied us to the comedian. He was good, not as good as last cruises though.

When that was over, we picked up everyone else, and as usual they grabbed a quick snack in the buffet. I don't think that the kids are tired, but I am exhausted. Campbell slept in Nonna and Pops' room tonight so I took her down there at 11 tonight.

I finally got my girls to be still for a few minutes. I am sure that Keaton is sound asleep by now, but Reagan is probably still awake listening to me type. Tomorrow is Skagway, and hopefully no rain!

Current Dennie Kid State Count (May 22, 2018):
Reagan-Complete-May 22, 2018
Anderson-Complete-May 22, 2018
Graham-Complete-May 22, 2018
Campbell-Complete-May 22, 2018
Keaton-Complete-May 22, 2018

Whitman-needs Montana, North Dakota


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