May 7, 2018

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  • I am not too sure if the blog made any sense last night because by the end, I was dozing after about every word that I wrote. I feel the same way tonight so I better type quickly.
  • Graham and Anderson were awake this morning. So I went upstairs to gather him and to wake up the girls. I did figure out how to get Keaton and Campbell to get out of bed quickly-tell they that we are going to make muffins. They will definitely jump up and hurry down the stairs to get to help in the kitchen.
  • Robby took Whitman to school this morning while the rest of us jumped on our school. Even though we didn't have a lot, the kids still took their time and didn't really finish until 11. That was fine because I was able to accomplish a few things while they worked. 
  • The packing list is growing shorter but it is growing shorter very, very slowly. I can get a bit overwhelmed wondering if all of my packing, planning and stressing is worth it, but then I quickly remind myself that we will be gone for nearly 1/12th of the year. A month away is worth a bit of planning, packing and stress.
  • Nonna and Pops showed up with Whitman. Tomorrow is his last day of school so they brought slushies for everyone to enjoy. This morning I asked Whitman if he was excited about being school. He told me, "no, because Luke is my best friend and we play zombies together." This made me pretty sad until I reminded myself that his little friends wouldn't be at his school if he went to school.
  • Around 5:30, we loaded up for Graham and Reagan's soccer parties. Every team is having a party this year and since we will be gone for a bit, Robby let all of his Dennie socer players come too. The party was at Larry's Pizza, and the place was crazy!
  • That was fine though since the kids had a blast. Some earned hundreds of tickets, some earned about 30. Everyone was pleased though so that was nice.
  • We stayed a crazy long time, and once we made it home, the kids put on their pjs and soon it was bedtime for them!

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